Source for locking pin for pin drive adaptor


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I'm looking for the source for locking pin, R pin, for pin drive adaptors for Vintage Wheel. Is there any shop/site I can purchase thru Internet?

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You're probably wanting some like these, which came with my Contemporary 427 Cobra:

They seem to be created specifically for this application--a straight pin goes through the hub (and also the center cap) and the curved portion wraps around the top.

I've managed to never lose mine, and good thing too because I have no idea where to find replacements??? :huh:
Yuji, I'm going to need some too, so quite happy to share an order with you. I'm just down the road from them so I can pop some in the post to you. Drop me a PM if your interested.
Hi Jon,
I'll need a set for my car. It would be worth discussing with them how much to replicate whats on Mike's Cobra, as I think its a very neat & tidy design


Ian Anderson

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I looked at getting some made about a year back.

But minimum quantity was big like 400 units.

I did not need 100 cars worth of clips.

If therenis enough interest I could make enquiries again.

Big thing was what material for the clip.stainless, piano wire, spring steel or something else

I think thats a good idea, may be Mike would take some pictures of the clip its self so we can have a better look at it. I think Yuji maybe after a specific type of clip, maybe to match ones he already has. I have asked him for some dimensions of what he wants.

Looking at the web site provided by David the minimum order is 10, but at the moment it looks like we could have about 3-4 cars worth plus spares to order.

I use a shot blasters and coaters in Redditch, so would be quite happy to pop in and enquire about a special order. I will be down there anyway in a week or so.


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Where you get those pins? Looks nice to fit to the adaptor? What is the dimension of the

As I do not have any pin for my adaptor yet, I'd like to buy at least one set, 4 pins, and two sets of spares, 8 pins, if available somewhere.


I bought the knock-off wheel adapters and wing nuts from (old) Halibrand in 1993.
Safety clips were part of the package. I'm using these on replica Cobra.

I just went to new Halibrand website and I didn't see my adapter listed nor safety clips.



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Looks the one Mike posted is good to use. I'd like to have few sets if any source being available?

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If you made some basic jigs you can make that stuff yourself.
They want min orders ,it often is not viable.

Spring manufacturers are happy to sell you the wire.

It often ends up faster.

When you loose one make another.

Just my experiance.

I would be in for 15 or allways need a few spares. Cmon Jim you can make them....give us a price......
I had contemplated making a few of these locking pins for myself, the wire is readily available, I don't know what the diameter of the adapters are on various wheel setups, mine are 2" OD.
I think in the next week or so I may purchase some wire and test bend a few clips. I do have two machines that are suitable for the forming so lets see what happens.
If it works and looks decent I will surely post my results and we can go from there.

I am thinking 1/8" diam wire, or possibly less, but once the wire is formed and the parts are heated and quenched it becomes very tough, maybe 1/8" is too thick, depends on the application.
I will measure the trial pieces on my chassis and post later today and if anyone has parts to measure that would be some good input.