SouthernGT No6

I managed to get some new old stock DZUS fasteners and some “wings” from James ( Jimmymac ). Soft soldered the wings onto the fasteners and got them chromed and the spinners metal polished.

The company who did the work said it would be 6-8 weeks, I managed to get them down to a half promise of a possible 2 weeks if everything went well, as I explained the car obviously can’t be moved in and out of the garage to work on without them. Took them in on Monday, they rang 2 days later Wednesday to say they were ready, well chuffed.


Well I have had better days !!! should have followed my wise old dad's advice " more haste less speed". Having got the car back after almost a year, thought I had better get it started. Turning ignition on click then nothing. 2 trips to the auto electrician and he was adamant the starter motor was good. Still click then nothing about to give up and tried a direct battery 12v to the solenoid and the engine turned over, then a bang :( ln my haste I had forgotten I had not put the second nut on the starter motor retaining bolt. Turned out to be more expensive to get the lug welded back on than I was expecting, possibly the extra was a fine for cruelty to GT40 replica starter motors.


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You are a plonker!
Sorry I mean bad luck old chap.
Now show us the bloody car!!
I resemble that remark, car still half dressed so to speak. and working on a spectacular grand reveal. As my dad also used to say "all good things come to he who waits" although it may well be an anti climax for you and others in the end ;)
Today was supposed to be the day I took my car for it;s first outing to see my friends at the North West GT40 Enthusiasts Club meeting. As the saying goes "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry", and they did in the form of a floppy half shaft, caused by a truculent circlip,and detected by luck. The circlip has been replaced by a similar one from my friendly local garage's stock but I am not confident it won't do the same again, sadly the meeting was missed.

As a result of this and now the car is more or completed with many promises of pictures of it to those who have asked, I am planning on doing a video / picture launch of it in the not to distant future. In preparation for this I have been studying Danny Boyle's 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony, and whilst I don't have his multi million pound budget I think have have done pretty well on the pyrotechnics and musical score, watch this space.


Andy Green

Hi Nick,
The struggles and set-backs will be worth it!
Then you'll have a list as long as your arm of all the minor niggles that will need resolving :cool::cool::cool:
Regards Andy
As promised a launch video of my virtually finished GT40. It has taken a little longer than expected, getting the pyrotechnics and state of the art audio system sorted. In my opinion to almost the same standard as achieved by Danny Boyle at the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony. A feat achieved on a somewhat limited budget compared to Mr Boyle's multi million pound funding.

Our eldest granddaughter getting excited by the fact it actually goes :)

For those interested, finale of the London Olympic ceremony for comparison.

So as the cliche goes, the journey is almost finished, and what a journey. It would not have been completed without an enormous amount of help from this forum and many people I thank you all.

Special thanks must go to Mr GT40 Pete Thompson, regional rep and kingpin of the Northern Section of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club. In regards to the Northern Section, what an amazing group of ladies and gentlemen, not a bad one among them.

My special thanks goes to Mike Pass and Bob Jones, Mike and his friend Martin Gough, introduced me to Mick at Southern GT and I will be forever grateful to them for that. Both Mike and Bob are always there with advice and encouragement, even to the most daft of questions. Both went beyond the call of duty holding my hand and keeping me calm through 2 IVA tests, thank you very much gentlemen.

Pictures to follow shortly I hope of the finished car, not Mike and Bob, see IVA pass pictures a few pages back for them ;)


Nice one great job, was at SGT getting some fuel bits today and they oddly showed my your car as just finished !!!
Top job