Superlite Aero

Restricted power 320 rwhp 400ftlbs to comply with NASA ST1 and Superlite Aero spec series rules.
Sorry, didn't catch that on my first read.
Looks like a true winner, Fran. Congrats!

Fran Hall RCR


not really taking them on...:laugh:

200hp crank vs 330hp rear wheel,

180ft/lbs vs 400ft/lbs

less than good looking vs cool/good looking :shocked:
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Fran Hall RCR

It's being built marketing and sold in one spec format only
No need for headlights or airjacks in sprint races

If you chose not to run the car in as supplied spec format you can add what you want , this will mean it cannot be eligible for the spec series

Fran Hall RCR

The picture is a rendering not a real car
There won't be build threads as the cars will be leaving our shop as driving race cars
Fran -
I have looked back through this thread and haven't seen a wheelbase dimension - has that been discussed?
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