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Fran Hall RCR

No Mike it can't ....It's not a street car just like our current LMP1 and 2 cars are not street cars... No/nada/not
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Doug S.

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its NOT a street car...the ground clearance is near ZERO and its not being sold with an MSO..same format as the SCCA Enterprises Spec racers and Legends cars
Yeah..I know...but a guy can dream, right?

This actually looks quite usable where my vacation home in SW Kansas is located...very few gently rolling hills and table flat everywhere else, but of course if it were to be purposed for street use it would need to be able to negotiate dips at street corners, that sort of thing.

Still...I enjoy dreaming...this is as close as anything I've seen to that "grown up kid" dream I mentioned involving a big, hopped up go-kart.

Cheers, Fran!

Thoughts from a stricktly business standpoint and for the sake of conversation:

Radical is doing well with the RXC and that car is in the same vein as the Aero (just way more overpriced). Wouldn't the Aero be more profitable to RCR if both a track and a street capable line were offered? I know our family would be interested in both versions of the car. The street version makes a lot of sense if you think of it along the lines of taking the place of a motorcycle for the owners. A single seat, special roadway experience unatainable by any other sort of car on the market but with the safety of 4 wheels. I must admit the idea of having 2 Aeros for the wife and I to run the Blue Ridge/Foothills Parkway, and the TOTD on vacation is an appealing concept.

Also can we ask that a bit more power is offered in her? 300+ is kinda Lotus Exige territory and we outgrew our lotus' years ago. They got boring and we sold them. Such a beautiful and agressive design deserves a strong heart to match for those of us that will just be playing with the cars on our own tracks not seriously racing them. We may have to stick with the Lmp1s (not that that is going to be heartbreaking by any stretch of the imagination:drunk:).

Fran Hall RCR

Its not a street car...plain and simple everyone.....sorry.
No glass windscreen , no AC, no cupholders , no MSO for registration.
We build lots of aggressive street cars already.

The Aero is to allow people to go fast, really fast on track at a very affordable race car price and with reliability and low maintenance.

Lotii don't have 400+ ftlbs of torque and weigh 1800lbs...Ron Earp had one of our RCR 7T0's 2300lbs with a 250hp SBF and could outrun an Exige cupcar on Hoosiers with zero aero.

The Aero at 1800lbs with downforce will be a force on track....its a better power to weight than the current LMP-C cars ...check out the numbers
It will be nice to just order, pickup, and go play
There are quite a few people (like me) that want that availability. The monsters like the LMP are for those people who want to put in a 750hp engine.

And besides, at the power rating Fran is setting, it'll easily fit into the NASA ST1 rules.

Like Fran said, read up on the "Aussie T70 Capers" thread. That guy has been killing it with an old pickup truck engine in his T70. There's some nice video clips in there as well.

Lastly, the Nemesis is the true four wheeled motorcycle.
Honestly IMO that car would be so bleeding fast (and so low) on the street, it would simply be NO fun to drive. Mainly because you would be all 'Sammy Hagar' chugging along never getting out of second gear.

Take that puppy to a track, and you'll never want to drive it on the street again (it will feel soooooo slow on the street).
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By the way, what RCR car(s) do you have (or on order)? LMP? SLC?
It's a long story (we were burned in the Bluegrass Motorsport Park failure fiasco and took a $150k hit which set our plans back a few years and had the $200k semi transport to pay off at the same time) but have been watching/deciding while we re-save the funds to join a new track and get the track cars. Plus we are moving up in the world with new jobs in new locations and are dealing with moving life to another state and all the fun that brings. Until the Aero just showed up it was going to be 2 lmp1s for us and maybe a street bound gt-r but now we will see which way to go.


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Honestly IMO that car would be so bleeding fast (and so low) on the street, it would simply be NO fun to drive. Mainly because you would be all 'Sammy Hagar' chugging along never getting out of second gear.
Not sure what roads you drive on but that car would be a blast cruising up one of the dozen or so canyons on the front range. No different than bikes. In fact that car would be much safer and more civilized than any of the hundreds of liter bikes screaming up and down the canyon each weekend. Quite tame actually.

I don't know what it takes to create an MSO for a car but in my county I could have a plate on that car in a couple weeks. Sorry for you guys that live in Commie land.

Oh well, I would seriously consider something like that if everyone wasn't so fubar. I'll stick to my GT40 I guess. It will be 2" off the ground as well and plenty quick enough to be entirely enjoyable.
it is not being sold as a kit. ONLY as turnkey race only package with sealed engine and trans.
So happy to see this new car.
This new Aero race car seems designed for either a certain racing class, or more probably the basis for a new full race car series? I love the idea. Is Superlite homologating the car's design for a certain organization's series or class using regular monitoring from a particular racing association as the design progresses? Having an already approved class for this type of car really facilitates the new race car buyer.