Suspension cracking sound. Houston builders...

Hello everyone. While driving, i am getting a cracking sound from (what i think) is my front suspension. I put the car on stands, removed the tires and tried to replicate the sound without any luck. I have checked all the bolts, rod ends, ect and cannot find anything wrong. Does anyone know the guy in Friendswood Texas that built his own SLC? I was hoping i could track him down and see if he could put a second set of eyes on it. Allen has been helping me try to figure out what the problem is, but its dificult to do remotely. I have a video if anyone would like to hear it, maybe have some imput. It sounds catastrophic. Please just send me an email and i will forward it on. It has gotten soo bad, that i am not driving the SLC till the problem is found. Any help would be appreciated.


GT40s Supporter
Have you tried lubing your heim joints? They make a lot of noise when they're dry.

Bill Kearley

Pete said it, but find out exactly what type of rod ends and joints you have. Most good ones have self lube liners.
Granville's got the latest rod ends supplied in the SLC builds. I've heard his video, it's most definitely not a lubrication issue. Sounds like a loose fastener somewhere in the system.
I pulled the shocks last night. Simon (maker of the pro lift system) lives just down the street from me. He said he would service the shock and try to determine if they are the culprit. While the shocks were off, i moved and shook the controle arms, wheel hubs, ext. The assembly is free moving with no creaks.

Chris Kouba

It may be slop in the locating of the A-arms. I had a similar noise in my GT and did this:

Check out about halfway through the post.