Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

Larry L.

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Knock on wood, everything seems to be fine here...except NOW we're dealing wildfire smoke from Cali, Oregon and lower Washington State in addition to C-19.

THAT's getting old, too... :mad:
Still here, seems to be under control down south, with Auckland at level 2.5 still. Some crazy rumours coming out of Q/town and other tourism hot spots of overseas visitors apparently beating the 14 day isolation standards.

David Morton

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Looks as though the UK might get another lockdown. My wife and I are coping well with a decent delivery every Wednesday morning. Nothing much to watch on the box except repeat and repeat. Its sometimes playing some of our 60's vinyl albums at FULL volume or Comapct discs on later artists. Just about everyone either side of our house - except one Greek asshole- are really nice people and our immediate neghbour is Tasmanian. We spend out tims fpswapping bottle of Barrolo for nice Chablisand ech time there is something to celebrate - like VE or VJ day, we cool off a bottle of bubbly. We alend up slightly pissed which means another day Lockdown has passed. It will never beat us. Any speeling mistakes are all my own work. I hope you aare all well out there.
This thread has fallen into disuse for a while, so here we go again.
I've just heard from David & I'm still getting up & going to work everyday, so that's two of us accounted for !

Best wishes to you all, Steve.

Ian Anderson

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Still here just outside Edinburgh. Work from home 3 days and 2 in the office each week. Office is limited to allow staff to distance 2m while sat at desks. Had the 40 out a couple of weekends back and it was a great get away from all the Covid depression stuff. Met up with another and had a socially distanced coffee.

David Morton

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Ian, Sarah would like a picture of your car on it's own as well. I should have taken some at the time but was so caught up in Sarah and Ed smiling so much in your car at the time.
Hi all,
Here in France we are locked up once again until December 1 at least....
other wise business as usual....
Corona free greetings to all