Tell everyone every week that you are surviving this COVID19. Just add your name to the list once a week and each of us will know if you are alive.

Brian Kissel

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Dave, good to hear you are slowly getting towards the road to recovery. Wishing you all the best.

Bill hope your wife recovers from the hip surgery ok. My mother who will be 94 at months end has had a slow recovery from her broken hip. But she had a broken foot to start with, tripped over her cast, broke her hip, and took out her knee also. She spent some time in a rehab hospital, but is now home living by herself again.

As for our area, Covid cases are on the rise in our county and masks are mandated by state. But our family is alive and well.


Larry L.

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This is how crazy it is getting around here. This took place about 45 miles from my house.

Good grief. She may as well have been using a BB gun.
'Have to wonder if the perp might have been on something...meth, or whatever.
That was spooky.

(BTW, she swapped 'mags' (vs. "clips") and chambered another round...and 'did so one heck of a lot faster than I could have under similar circumstances. She was remarkably 'cool' under pressure. At the very least I would have needed a change of 'undies'...and a sedative.)

Paul Hendrickx

all still the same nearby Le Mans , it seems to flare up a bit here in the region, so protective gear is compulsory in public venue and shops....

Larry L.

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Much to the chagrin of many, I'm still here...and to the delight of all, so is the Mrs. But, I must confess we're both tired of this whole C-19 routine. So much so that the Mrs called our favorite local restaurant yesterday to see if it was open and, to her surprise and delight, 'found out it IS and has been for five weeks now! So, she immediately dropped a not-so-subtle 'hint' (read that: flat-out declared) that she'd like to have dinner there on her birthday next month. (However, she has three "underlying conditions", we'll have to see what the risk levels are at that time.)

The 'downtime' C-19 has created has been put to good use around our home, though. I've done the storm drain equivalent of an 'arterial bypass' on three downspout drain lines and had a forth drain line completely replaced by a contractor due to the fact it was/is located - surprise, surprise - under our concrete driveway right in front of the 'roll-up' entry doors on our downstairs garage. :mad: 'Takes too long to explain, but, there were other 'concrete-involved issues' that needed to be dealt with as a part of that whole process as well.

Needless to say, before the work started, I moved one of the vehicles kept in said garage into the back yard (where it was completely hidden from 'prying eyes') so we'd have 'wheels' if we needed to go somewhere while the whole project was underway. Two weeks (including 'curing time') and $5K later - it was. o_O

The hospital bill for services rendered as a result of the stroke I suffered when I saw the above bill came to a bit under $250,000.00...

Stay safe, All - especially you, David.
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Ian Anderson

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Still here in a very damp Edinburgh.
Had to take leave or loose it so had last week off, Friday wa dry so I took the Dax for its first run this year for a brisk 60 miles after she warmed slowly and the square wheels turned to roundmones again.

great to have some seat time!


David Morton

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If our UK government are correct, this virus has a new life in a slightly different strain. A lot of people who attempted to have a holiday in Spain and the Spanish islands are being asked to come home to quarantine yet again. This could be with us for a few years yet. Will we get another lock down?
Dave Morton.

Jeff Young

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Damn, hang in there Mr. Morton. You are a tough'un.

Doing well here in the US. Crazy times and the virus remains rampant but friends and family are healthy.
All good down South in NZ, some community transmission in Auckland up north so thats gone back to level 3 and rest of country at level 2, been told its from a family of 4? who had ties to a Cool Store of all things, plus other business, but things getting a bit murky as to the actual origins in NZ, Friday Midnight will be pivotal as to whether levels are extended or not.