the Steinard MK3 takes shape

Hi john, Geeze, you don't muck around, I've taken about a year, and I'm not even where you are now. Very impressive, looking good, keep the pictures coming.

Regards, Udo.
Thanks for the kind words mate, I suppose I helps being retired and having the 3-5hrs a day free to work on the rocket, I would probably be a lot further along if the dreaded money or lack of it wasn't in the pic, but the pension only goes so far.

cheers Kaspa
Got a little more done today, made up and fitted the crush tubes for the front suspension pick ups, then fitted the pedal box, followed by the front side quarter panels, then finished the day by fitting the front brake lines.

so that's it for now until I get some more parts.

Made a little more progress today, in so much as I mounted the remote reservoirs for the brake and clutch cyls.

then attacked my favorite job, running the hard lines down the chassis for the rear brakes and clutch.

all I can say is thank good its done and dusted.

Almost there, right side tanks in and all plumbed up, approx. 40ltrs a side and foam filled, have to run the 32mm alloy tube down the left hand side for the bottom radiator hose before I can secure the left hand one, but ill get that sorted tomorrow along with picking up some grommets for the fuel hoses through the bulkheads.

Also bolted the seat into place and mounted the belts, and fitted the transfer pump for the trans oil cooler.

so if all goes to plan I will be ready to start on the body by the end of the week, oh what joy awaits LOL.

cheers Kaspa
Hi mate , hope the break was a goodun, i'm now up to all the little fiddly jobs that take for ever and nothing to show, like running the wiring loom up to the dash, mounted the water pump and battery etc, am going to refit the engine today hopefully, after I make the covers for the rear section of the pontoons behind the bulkhead.

cheers John
God I hate all these 5 min jobs that seem to take all day, but getting there slowly, so here's the state of play as of today, almost ready to refit the engine for god this time, I hope.
left hand rear pontoon.

cover made which will be held on with dzus fasteners to allow for easy access to battery etc.

ECU mounted on fire wall behind left hand seat when I get around to making one.

then made the cover for the right hand side, also to be dzus fastened on. M1B/20160904_155850_zpsxmgrh9lk.jpg.html

So that's been a weeks effort, hopefully will refit the engine tomorrow, then i'm pretty much stuck until I get my pin drive adapters from Fran so I can mount up my wheel centers and work out suspension arm lengths etc. but in the mean time I have plenty of sanding to do on the body I suppose, really looking forward to that, not.

cheers Kaspa
Spent the morning making up the suction hoses for the dry sump pump and managed to get the to fit in behind the engine mount as I hoped they would.

then fitted the engine back into place, so apart from a couple of radiator hoses, all I need is an oil tank and a radiator and we can light the fire.

getting that close I can almost hear it already, lol.
cheers Kaspa
Like your progress, just got back from the States / Laguna Sega and took plenty of pics of various M6's if you need any pics. Found my computer infected when I got back so working thru a full strip and re format....give me a bit of wood any day. Will post pics once I am up and running. Never seen so many McLaren's and Lola's, 570 cars of every description entered.
Hi mate, you lucky bugger, that would have been like going to heaven, did you get any pics of some M1's?
fitted the body on yesterday and apart from the wow factor shit its big, will look awesome when its on the ground. I definitely made the right decision in going this way that's for sure.

cheers Kaspa
All I got done today was the dash panel, and got the gauges switches etc all positioned, now I have the dilemma as to what finish to put on the dash , leaved it brushed alloy as it is or wrinkle black, any thoughts.

Wrinkle Black has my vote. You are racing along with this one mate. What are you doing the wheel shells in Alloy or steel? Cheers Leon
Its taken me all day, where as a sparky would probably get it done in an hr or two at the most but its all wired up, and all I forgot was the alternator warning light cable and trans temp and rain light cables but I can run them ok without any trouble, once I get some relays I can do a full power test, but ive checked everything for continuity and all good so fingers crossed I don't let any smoke out.

just need some more small cable ties to tidy it up a bit more.
cheers Kaspa
Have made a little more progress, i removed the dash panel stripped it and painted it with wrinkle black, fist time finnish was shocking so i redid it and it was better then the third time its as you see it , not 100% but it is what it is as ive run out of both paint and patience,

also finaly finnished the front suspension, both sides done and within a Mm of each other, and wound up with a max of 30 deg steering lock, but i intend to fit travel restricter blocks on the rack to knock it back to around 25deg so nothing rubs anywhere.

Fran informs me i have goodies in the mail so as soon as they arrive i will sort out the rears suspension, Radiator has been orderd so when that arrives i should be getting close to receiving my oil tank and she's ready to light the fire.

cheers Kaspa
Did you ever consider inboard shocks? It makes ride height adjustments a breeze. I am going to look hard at inboard both front and rear.
Hi Russel yeah, i even have a set of Dallara rockers and a set of Fraser ones, but this chassis doesn't lend itself to that configuration, plus i'm trying to keep it as close to orig as constraints will allow.

cheers John
My new beaut custom radiator arrived the other day finally so i busied myself with fabricating the frame to locate both the radiator and the front clip, then fitted the radiator today,

also fitted my front splitter, made out of 10mm marine ply, and i had enough left over to make a spare as ill almost guarantee it will get damaged eventually

tomorrow ill fit the fans and get some hoses to fit and its all done, just the oil tank to come and shes ready to fire.