the Steinard MK3 takes shape

Started putting a bit more colour on the ole girl, so at least now you can see what the finished colour scheme will look like, plenty of room for sponsors signage.
still a lot of filling sanding, and a few more coats to go but you get the idea.

cheers Kaspa
Spent a couple of hrs out in the shed this morning and assembled the front end, now its actually starting to look like a race car, set up with 1mm neg camber and 6 deg caster, and the alignment pointing as straight as my eye will let me,lol. front shocks are QA1 pro star double adjustable with Hyperco 600lb springs,Wilwood Mustang11, 2" drop spindles with alloy hubs and 310mm rotors with 4 pot calipers, bigger brakes than the MK1 and it stops fine, so should be plenty.

cheers Kaspa
Havnt been doing much to the old girl of late as i had a race engine to rebuild for a mate, plus the weathers been to crap for painting anything, so i have rejuvenated the 40 year old rear wing and got it almost ready for paint, then yesterday i finished the dash so thats now ready for some gauges, and this morning i thought i'd spend a half an hour and make a cover for the air scoop to keep nasties out while being stored or transported etc, well 3 hrs later my 5 minute job is fitted, thank god i wasn't paying for it on an hourly rate

getting there slowly
cheers kaspa
have spent the last week trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear, in the shape of restoring a 45 year old rear wing, in retrospect it probably would have been easier to make a new one, but i wanted to keep a little bit of nostalgia on the old girl.

should do the trick.
cheers Kaspa
The wing looks good mate. I'm progressing well will bring you up to date at the end of this week.

Cheers Leon
My bucket list is to drive a F5000.

Well done, Went to Phillip Island this month they had 30 F5000 on the grid.
I have thought about doing something similar but in an alloy tub.

600hp you will s**t your pants John.

I was at Phillip Island last weekend as well and the sound of the F5000s as they got the green flag was just fantastic whether you were at the fence on the outside of the circiut or on the roof of the pit complex. Shame the noise is going out of motorsport.


Your car is looking great.
As documented elsewere I have a LS1 in my car and the bigest downside in my thoughts are the ugly,ugly valve covers. I have moved my coil packs out of sight and made up new covers that go over the old ones.They completly changed the look of the engine bay I will try to send a pic shortly.

Darrell #DRB46
Hi Darrell yep ive done the same, have ground all the pots off the covers , sanded them back and painted them, coils will mount on the side of the chassis rail same as the MK1
Jim dont worry about a bucket list mate, when its finished and sorted i'm sure we can accommodate a drive for you. but you bend it, you mend it applies.

cheers Kaspa
Well the big day has arrived, just got these pics from Leon the magnificent with a note saying it will be here early next week,

let the games begin
cheers the very happy Kaspa
Well the tranny arrived and unfortunately so did a few problems, so I had to send it back and Leon is setting about getting things sorted.
but in the mean time I had the opportunity to grab a very nice McLaren M1 body off a friend for a steal, and as my roots are firmly imbedded in sports cars I couldn't say no, so the last couple of weeks I have been knocking a chassis together, and this morning the last diagonals were tacked in so it was time for a trial fit, and amazingly enough it fits like a glove,

And yep that's the engine out of the 5000, as will be everything else as I have robbed everything and will utilize it all on this build, also the best part is wife is much happier with me building this than the single seater.

cheers Kaspa
Great stuff, that looks like a good body to work with so you will have a great looking car when finished.
Hi Rus yeah its not to bad actualy, and I was told that it was taken off a car in NZ, the bloke we got it off bought it over from home, the only thing i'm missing is a screen, so keep your eye out for me.
plus I received a rear upright from Leon today so when the chassis is all done I can get stuck into both front and rear suspension.
watch this space.
cheers Kaspa
today I started on the suspension, only just had enough tube to do the right hand front, and then ran out of gas on the last couple of tacks, but you get the idea/

cheers Kaspa
finished putting the right hand side together, and very surprised with the results, its quite an unorthodox set up, but Bruce obviously new what he was doing as it works very well.

so I will now use this side to make a jig up so I can do the other side and a couple of spares, just in case.
I also received one of my rear uprights from Leon and am very impressed, so come Monday I will get some more tube and will get stuck in. and I also have a box of bits on their way from Fran so it looks like it will be a good week.

cheers Kaspa