the Steinard MK3 takes shape

Have you ever used that ACM sign panel, ( aluminium composite material)
Its used extensively for signage and sign shops often have plenty of signs that have been replaced, its great for the splitter ap.
Hi Russel no i never thought of that stuff, but ive made two out of 1 sheet so that will do me for the time being.

cheers John


Hey john, by no means familiar with the marque but is that front shocker at the normal angle? It just seems very shallow to my beady eye and must make it a bit on the stiff side? Apologies if I'm talking out of my ass...I am English you know...:drunk:
Hi Keith, yeah i know, its not the angle i had planned but what i ended up with as i wanted the bottom pick up as far out as i could get it, so its a matter of time will tell.
fans are mounted, hoses all connected and its full of water, just the oil tank to come and its ready for start up.

cheers john
Looking good John, Called you yesterday but no reply hope all is well, Uprights are at the casters and new T/A pattern well underway. I think you will be pleased with the MK2 version. Cheers Leon
Have been busy all week having to modify the headers so they would fit under the rear clip, as they were designed for the 5000 where body clearance wasn't an issue. what a job in retrospect it probably would have been easier to start from scratch, but after a lot of fettling I managed to have a win.
this is how they were with the two top tubes being to high for the body work. the right hand side was the worst offender.

and this is what I got them down too with just enough clearance, and room for a heat shield just to be safe.

then yesterday I picked up the roll hoop so thats on, and it will be tight but I can just sneek the back stays down between the headers and the cyl head to the top of the rear bulkhead, talk about luck.

then late in the arvo my tyres arrived, so that made my day, Avon 10-5/23/15 fronts and 15/26/15 rears should do the trick

yes there sec hand, they have done 1 qualifying session and I got them for $200 each, which I thought was a bargain as the rears new are over $750 each.

cheers Kaspa

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
Have been busy all week having to modify the headers so they would fit under the rear clip...
cheers Kaspa

Same problem I had with mine. Some seriously sparse territory under a rear panel in a Can-Am car. Mine are within about 3" of the panel, which did not cause any heat issues with the glasswork or paint, even before I installed a PSA aluminum/foam insulation layer above them (for added protection just in case).
just spent a couple of hrs making a frame to hold the rear upright in position so I can work out the rear suspension etc and sat a tyre in its position, oh boy do they fill the guards, thats a lot of tyre on the back.

Hi Russel they should do the trick ok.

Started sorting out the rear suspension, and bugger it looks like i'm going to have to modify the headers again to get enough clearance for the top radius rods, I forgot all about them, but hopefully my clevises will turn up soon, then I can put the top rods in situ and see how we go, fingers crossed.

pic is showing it at full droop.
cheers kaspa
I have plenty of time at the moment to do research and I wish my tyres came that easy. Fronts are easily available in a road format but rears in 15inch are almost non existent over 235 50 15 and I want at least a 245 as I would like to run 10inch wide rims as I can get a nice `Mclaren` looking 5 spoke in 15inch.
There is nothing in 16 and plenty in 17 but I would have to run a different rim.
I shall just keep looking but until then can not progress with any design details until I have the answers.
Same goes for my suspension as I want to run inboard springs so will need to wait until I have a little more steel stuck together.
Russell, TyreShopOnline.... BFGoodrich in 295/50R15 @ $507 incl or Hercules 4000 ( Cooper Tires ) in same size @ $307 incl. Both have 180kmh speed rating. Toyo Proxes & Maxxis Marauder were available in same size a while ago, maybe still available on order.
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Looks like I have got to the stage where progress is stopped until some parts arrive, so I thought id do a couple of those little jobs that you never seem to get to doing, first one was fit the front clip front hold down pins, the locking pin is secured to the backing plate , but I wont permanently fit those until its painted, then make up and fit a regulation towing eye,

and thirdly make up and fit a permanent mounting plate for the camera on the roll hoop.

so the day wasn't totally wasted, and tomorrow i'm going to have a day off and go to our local track with my mate and his little formula Libre.

cheers Kaspa
Hi John, looks good those tires will look great on the back and once mounted on the rims will be the business. The 4 uprights will be back from the casters mid week so just need to do the machining and put the axles in then they will be on the way.

I have all but finished the MK2 G/Box pattern and that should also be at the casters in the next week or 2.

Cheers Leon
Hey mate great news as x mass isn't that far away.
oil tank arrived today so fire up wont be to far away, will keep you posted.

Oil tank finally arrived so spent a couple of hrs this morning sitting it in place, just have to go shopping tomorrow for two fittings and some break in oil and where good to go.

cheers kaspa
Oil hose arrived today, so I made the last 2 hoses up and finished plumbing the dry sump system, gave a once over with a spanner to check all fittings were secured, then filled the ole girl with oil and we have oil pressure yea ha, just one small leak but I was aware it would be there as I damaged the top of a fitting with a wayward grinder, have a new fitting on its way. so just a couple of welding jobs to do and I can introduce some fuel to her and see if she wants to make a noise.

getting closer by the day.