Tornado GT40 Handbrake Wilwood MC4 Calipers

Hi Bill
perhaps a modern cable pull system that runs from a winch type device with an illuminated on and off switch.
something like


Thanks Ian for the reference. For some peculiar reason unique to the Swiss, it has to be an absolutely mechanical device from one end to the other, i.e. no electronic switch. As long as the car has « original » technology that dates from the manufacture of the car, it is considered original - the minute you put something « modern » on it, the entire vechicle has to be updated to current norms. You can imagine the catastrophe that would be! We’ll keep looking for a clever cable run and handle placement. Cheers.
Sorry for the delay. I have completed my full analysis of the Tornado braking system. It is attached as a pdf. I had to reduce the front master cylinder diameter, increase the piston diameter in the rear, and change the pads to get the basic braking system to my satisfaction. The brakes work fine now.

When I replaced the rear calipers, they didn't have the integral parking brake. So I installed the Wilwood MC4 parking brake that Bill also used.

You can see my full report in the attached. I will be happy to provide further information or drawings if you like.

Note: when you click on the pdf, it appears at the lower left corner of the page and you have to click it again.

-Bob Woods
Tornado GT40 in Texas
Thanks Bob, great document and beautiful results. I imagine you are using the original Tornado handbrake lever ahead of the calipers and cables. We will need to fabricate something along those lines.
if you need to be as per"original" why not using the spf option who have integrated in rear upright hand brake system?
seems to be based on Mercedes- Volvo corvette hand brake , would be manual operate by cable, or you could use electric hand brake cable motor.


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