Tornado in Vermont

It's been awhile since I've posted but I assure you all the GT and I are well. Last week, Sarah and I hosted the Eastern Steam Car Tour For The Steam Automobile Club of America here in Stowe Vt. We had 25 steam cars and 65 attendees here for the week. In 4 days of touring we covered 350 miles. The cars ranged from 1901 through 1925, all steam powered.
I have been able to spend some time with the GT. While I've yet to get the AC system working, I've found the cabin very hot and lacking air flow. I have installed some pop out vents in the side windows that bring a great deal of air into the cabin while moving. They do work well.


Hi Bill, hope your health is good!

I have just spent all of today reading your build thread from start to finish. Just fantastic! I was particularly interested in your panelling. What spacing did you use for your rivets and did you bond the panels as well as rivet?

Enjoy your creation to the max.

I'm still dealing with a slight hesitation in the GT. I changed the power valve tonight but will have to wait to the AM to take a test drive to see the change in performance. I hope to have the AC system working next week.


Hi Bill, you obviously have an RF. I can tell you i have solved about 90% of the exessive heat & poor AC perfomance issue. It relativley simple. Take a look at the nose piece in behind the radiator fans you will see the nose piece cuts the fans about in half so half the heat from the radiator once its up to temp washes under the front clip and the heat builds up inside. the solution is to modify the front insert so that it starts at the base of the radiator should capture 95% of the radiating heat, this extracts it before it can heat up the cabin. Worked on mine.

Hi Bill
I had a hesistation on my 347 just off idle......basically not enough fuel during the transition from the idle circuit to the primary circuit. I upgraded to a bigger accelerator pump and this seemed to help.

Not sure if this applies to yours but its something quick and cheap you can try.

Hope I can see your car in person soon.

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars

You are correct.

I still have Robert Logans original signed order form from 1992 along with his original RF brochure covered in pictures of our car.

He got what he deserved in the end!


Hey Bill

Just wondered if you could help. Can you tell me did you use the standard riv nuts supplied by Tornado on the front removable steering panel pictured below and are your vertical rivnuts inserted through the steel braces that the anti roll bar is attached to?


Now that fall is gone and winter has showed it self, i have taken the time to ready the garage and move the 40 to its final resting place for the winter. It looks strange to see the 40 under my 1912 Stanley Steamer. I'll post some photos of that later. Any way here are some shots taken before and during the move. I took the engine shots after hooking up leads to the battery for a battery tender.
Trouble loading pics. I'll try again later.