Tornado in Vermont

Hey Guys,
As I wait on the delivery of my TSC 40, I thought I 'd say hello from cold and snowy Vt. I operate a restoration shop working on vintage Rolls Royce and Bentley autos. I own a 1903 Grout steamer,a1909 Maxwell roadster and a 1912 Stanley steamer.
Last spring I finished a build of a FFR Type 65 Coupe. We don't use the name Day---a due to the on going law suit by Shelby towards FFR and others. The coupe is powered by a 400hp 347. We saw 3500 miles of fun driving last season before the snows came.
I have at home here the 347 that will power my TSC 40. It showed 420hp @ 6000rpm with 375lbs torque. Max torque was 412 @ 4200.
While I wait here's a shot of my coupe at home this fall and another at The Vintage Festivel at Lime Rock Park. The yellow GT40 is Scott Calabro's TSC 40 Demo car. This is a well sorted car that I spent several hours of great seat time in before putting my money down. Thanks Scott.
My TSC 40 is their complete kit,well optioned. I will try to keep a regular post update. Hope these picturse show up, if not I'll try again.

Hi Bill
I just sold my FFR Coupe and I am waiting for my GT40 Australia #103 to turn up.

Good luck with the build.

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Hi Bill,

Super nice "T65" there Bill, absolutely beautiful. I suspect it won't be that long before you can go ahead and say "D#$%^&$" Time is not on the plaintiff's side in that case.....

Jack Houpe

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Hello Bill! Man you sounds like your a real gear head, welcome aboard, my son in law and I are going to pick up a motor in Long Island tomorrow night, then off to Danby Vermont for a couple pieces of stone. You live in a beautiful area. Enjoy your new car.

Hello Bill! Man you sounds like your a real gear head, welcome aboard, my son in law and I are going to pick up a motor in Long Island tomorrow night, then off to Danby Vermont for a couple pieces of stone. You live in a beautiful area. Enjoy your new car.

Great area for sure. I lived in a little place called Tinmouth, VT ( close to Danby). Cold this time of year though...
Welcome Bill. I'm presently working in Vergennes, and living in South Burlington but my RCR is garaged in Colorado. How close is Burlington to you?
Hi guys,
I had word from Andy at TSC that my GT is going to be picked up by the shipping company on Tuesday. I don't know how long the state side trip will take but I know it will seem like forever.
I was in the garage this morning and took these shots of the waiting 347.As the car is going to be a street car I did not want a radical engine.The build is based on a roller cam 302 block. It's stuffed with good forged internals. That with the AFR heads give about 9.5 to 1 compression. This will have no problem with pump gas. The cam is from Comp Cams with .560 lift on both intake and exhaust and 223* duration @.050 for both. SS roller rockers sit on top. Intake is a Edelbrock Performer RPM to be topped with a Holley Ultra 650 double pumper. With 420 [email protected] 6000rpm and a torque curve that shows 400lb/ft from 3200rpm all the way to 6000 with a max of [email protected] 4000rpm the GT should be a blast to drive!
Anyway,here we sit and wait. There will be more when it arrives.


Tim Kay

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Hey Bill,

Great to hear, looking forward to seeing your 40 come together.

From what I see in the pics above you may want a water pump with the shorten 'snout'. I believe they refer to it as the Ford Explorer style water pump.

Getting the lowest profile valve covers you can fit over the rockers will help clearance of the rear clip along with installing the engine as low in the chassis as possible. I found two profiles like the valve covers pictured. The tall ones would have been close for clearance, I opted for the lower ones. By the pics it's hard to tell which ones you have.

I moved my 351W about 1 1\2" lower than the original mounts allowed my 302 to sit. In doing so, my Aviad GT40 oil pan sits a fraction above the lowest point of the chassis. Allows room for the height of Webers or 8 Stack FI with velocity stacks and filters inside the rear plexi.

Just suggestions (based on what I can tell by your motor pics), you may have already considered these things.
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I too have the AFRs on my 351W. I opted for the 205s. Did you go with those also or did you go for the 195s. If you go any higher I think you eill be diapointed with the performance if it is for the street. the vacum will be way down. I also have the same valve covers and I had to notch the rear clip for them to clear. I am toying with the idea of using Lexan to cover the engine along with the filter fitted to the lexan. I have the TWM FI setup.
If you reaaly want the engine to move forward you might think about an electric water pump. I have the Moroso unit on mine mounted in the front clip area. Even if mounted on the front of the engine it will give you extra space. It simlifies the belt arrangement and with the timing setups like a Davies Craig unit, it can be set up to run the pump and fans for up to 2 minutes after shut down helping to eliminate heat soak. Look for Davies Craig on Utube. They have a good explanation on their video.
Most of the aftermarket oil pans have flat bottoms, and they are not as deep as the Moroso unit you have. Most will come with an altered pickup and some sort of scubber to keep the splash down in the shallow pans. You can lower it all the way to the bottom of the frame. Sometimne an inch or two makes a big difference.

Just a quick update.I heared from Andy at Tornado the end of last week with good news that my GT has been shipped.It should make it here by mid-Feb.I hope it's here before the 18th as i'm off to Fla. and down to key west for a week.It really is time for a winter break,yesterday was -12* today -10*.I found the heat in my garage down yesterday,propane tank empty.A quick call to the propane company got that fixed thankfully as my Stanley steamer is there still full of water.
Anyway here are some shots as the GT is packed to travel.


Jack Houpe

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Hey Bill, never made Danby, we had weather issues to deal with and need to outrun the storm that was behind us.

Enjoy the Keys, I had a home in Islamorada for many years. Living there and visiting are very different. I prefer visiting.

Looks like your going to really get started on your return. :)
Hi guys,
Just a quick updaet on my GT. After being in FL. for a week I arrived home to find my Tornado is sitting At port in Boston waiting to clear customs.If all goes well it will be home here in Vt by the end of next week.I'll keep you all posted.
Just a heads up,the Tornado will be in my garage by the end of the day. Work to begin in real time, photos will be posted.
I'm so happy I could just sh*t,