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Mr Sheldon.
You made a set of half shafts which were returned to you because they did not fit.
I am still waiting for a refund. Would you please oblige. It has been quite a few years now since you promised to refund.
David Morton.
What was the outome of this?
After all the stick GTD have had on another thread in this section, it would be interesting to know how other manufacturers are performing.
The GT40 Enthusiasts Club is often asked to recommend companies and it would be good to know who can be relied on.


I will love to see more about Tornado Cars, I was ready to order a bellhousing and fixings from them until I noticed the problem with the half shafts that did not fit.

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Maybe try MDA ( down in Devon. I am pretty new to the scene having recently picked up an old KVA chassis/body that has had nothing done to it, but for the advice and help Mark has provided me so far I have had no complaints.
Andy Sheldon has been very helpfull to me, and I am not a customer yet. As for mails, they have 2 or 3 different ones but only one seems to be updated, maybe this is your problem.


Yes, we have tried calling him!! It fails to amaze me how we in the UK complain about at times a dying car industry when I frequently get a very poor customer response. Even an enquiry no matter how small can have a potential lead to revenue, but a lot of the small automotive manufacturers appear to have some kind of secret squirrel club arrangement going. Maybe I caught him or someone else in the office on a bad day.
I have purchased a number of items from Andy Sheldon of Tornado, and have always found him to be very helpfull and honest.
I also purchased some goods from Andy, he always helps you with questions, and keeps his promises.
I have been competing a Tornado for the las year and have found Andy to be very responsive. Does what he promises, cb
I just purchased a pair of seats from Andy.
Between manufcaturing and shipping they
took (8) weeks to arrive.

They look great, fit great, and good value.

I rang andy and asked him to send me an anti roll bar plus all fixings. He was paid by Visa and the roll bar arrived a week later as has everything else I've requested from Andy. No problems from Tornado at all.

Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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OK where shall we start


You have not even called me on the telephone to discuss this matter. I do not look at the forum regularly as we are too busy making cars and this is the first time I have seen your posting.
The shafts were a 1 off special made to your specified sizes to help you out. If you can not give us the correct lengths its not our fault.
Next time call me on the telephone before you start posting bad remarks.

Brett - I personally answer all emails the same day. Thats a fact!!
What was your telephone call regarding? and who did you speak to?

Everyone else - Thanks for your support

Our waiting list for body/chassis units is now 40 weeks so we must be doing something right.


Andy, the GTD40s car club are having its Annual Track DAy at Goodwood on August 18th, and you will find full details of this event on the club website. We are not restricting the event to GTDs only, just to GT40 cars, originals and replicas, and we have this year cars from GTD, KVA, MDA, MALLOCK and the new CAV franchise just set up in this country. We would be very pleased to see Tornado also be represented, particularly both in the photo/parade laps and to be part of the track event proper. Please bring along your demonstrator, or get some representative owners to bring along thier cars and be part of a great day out.Frank Catt, Organiser of the GTD Track Day
I think Ian O'Reilly will most probably attend. His is an excellent example of a Tornado build (at least now the spoiler and twin headlamps have been removed! - soory Ian couldn't resist it - oops! - hope I'm still on for the Le Mans trip?)
As opposed to some of the negative postings, I have bought several items from Tornado without any problems at all. Prompt delivery & first rate advice.