Yes I hope to be at Goodwood for the GTD track day having been there for the last three years I don't wish to miss the centenary bash.
As to entering my car for the track I'm a little concerned that my car would not pass the decibel test any suggestions !
I read that Frank has thrown the glove down to Andy maybe we should get a road version of each marque to be driven by a nominated driver (not Stig)who is independent from any of the makes present to do perhaps say five laps in each car, and then write a article on each make for future publication in our club mags.
I would be quite willing to offer my car as Tornado's exhibit unless Andy wants to show his demonstrater, the thing I would like to point out is that my car is set-up for the road not the Track.

I have booked you in to our hospitality suite for your stay in Le-Mans, just phone me when you arrive and we will make sure we are out !!

There is no decibel test for the lunchtime 'parade' of cars. At least there wasn't last year.

I think The Stig should drive yours as he likes his Carpenters and Country 'n' Western now and you have a radio/cassette?!?

I can see I'll now be consigned to the area of Maison Blanc which floods!! Perhaps a bottle of Grand Marnier would restore my status?
Actually Dave I was worried about track time not the parade lap, and just for the record my radio is a mini/disc not a cassette as stated, and what's wrong with "Grateful Dead".
I think the way you are heading a crate of Grand Marnier would be required, otherwise it's the toilet block for you.
Ian (Perrys) I have a DB meter, come and get your silencers checked and repacked if necessary, but dont just stand on the pit wall, get out there and join us, it'll be a great day. Frank
Thanks for the offer Frank, but my twin silencers are of the sealed type (Tornado)and impossible to repack.
What are the noise level's for Goodwood as I would mush rather be driving round the track than a pit wall spectater.

Ian, Noise levels for Goodwood are first measured in the pits at a maximum of 105db measured at 3/4 maximum revs (you can decide your maximum limit) at 1.0m from the rear of the car. If this is OK there is then a drive by noise limit of 98db which is recorded at 3 places around the track. A well packed standard GTD system will normally pass ok and is well in on the drive by. The marshalls are much more concerned about drive by limits as this is recorded by the local council as well, and a car can be called off if too noisy. This has not happened to us yet! Repacking doors can be fitted to any silencer, and is a must if you are going to do much track work. Please come and have a go with the fast boys, you never know, you may find it addictive. Frank
Apologies in the late reply. I tried to contact your company late last year when I was investigating the purchase of an old KVA kit (which I have now purchased). One of the concerns I had was that Ken Atwell was no longer apparent and there was no build manual parts etc that were immediately apparent. Therefore, having sent for one of your brochures, I sent a few eMails requesting suitability of parts etc. There was no reply, so I phoned and was was told rather gruffly that some would and some wouldn't fit, and I'd have to contact you if I wanted to know. Maybe it was just the day, and I was being too sensitive, buit it just at that pint in time left an impression on me.

Please however don't get me wrong, I intend to use you and other people within the UK for parts where they are cost competitive and good for fit and quality. I have spoken to a few people and they hold your work and approachability in high regard. I now beleive that it was maybe a few unfortunate circumstances that led to the perception that was written above.

Anyway on an entirley different note, as some people maybe able to see I have now regained some of the use of my hands and legs after my stag doo... however, writing this with a pencil attached to my head is creating an interesting effect...


Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
GT40s Sponsor

When you need any parts please give us a call and ask to speak to me in person.




Just reading about the noise tests in Franks posting, and to add to the info there, the 105 dB test should be at 45 degrees I beleive.

A cautionary tale of using your own or other peoples noise testing gear. At a sprint at Goodwood years ago a club member failed the noise test. Instead of being nice to the noise guys he got mouthy. He went home for an early bath whereas others who had similar problems resolved them. However part of the problem was that this guy had his own noise meter. It gave different readings to the Goodwood meter and that is the one to take as fact. Fortunately Frank has played around with silencers enough to be able to help as he offers.

No repacking holes in the silencers? Mine didn't have any either. However angle grinder, drill, bits of plate, and large self tappers sorted that. 1 inch overlap and some exhaust gum keeps the noise in.

Of course you could do what Roy Smart did after he failed a noise test. Went to the shops and bought 6 brillo pads and shoved them up the tail pipes. Passed the test comfortably and after the first lap they all blew out and away he went happy camper. Don't know if you could get away with that now with the newer stricter noise regime but it worked back then.

Hi Malc -
remaining slightly off topic - the event with Roy is almost correct - we stuffed about 6 brillo pads up each exhaust, held in place by a lockwire case attached to the tail pipes with some hoseclips 'borrowed' from my cosworth. Got the noise level right down but after Madgewick the engine was so choked it would not rev or pull at all! - I managed to max out at 80mph on Lavant straight where I now manage 155mph. Still we passed the test and after removing the pads, were not tested again that day (thankfully!).

Not to be reccomended now though as regulations are somewhat tighter although Roy's car is quieter these days believe it or not.