Trailer - Need Recommendations / Advice

Bill Kearley

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I just bought a 24 foot ATC all aluminum with a wide left hand door. no more squeeze and bump. One hell of a lot better than the Wells Cargo junk I had in the past.
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Will Campbell

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I just bought a 24 foot ATC all aluminum with a wide left hand door. no more squeeze and bump. One hell of a better than the Wells Cargo junk I had in the past.
Those are great trailers. I raced out of an ATC trailer and it was a dream to tow, and a great place to be while at the track. Mine had AC, a viewing deck, etc.


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Just bought a Futura... little pricey but no more ramps and easy (fairly) to use. Has a recovery winch. So far so good.

Bill Kearley

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Yup, nice and bright,120 power, cabinets but I may install 4 more tie downs for the short car and the winch that's in the Wells Cargo.
Haven,t had the 40 in the ATC yet, any trouble with the ramp angle?

Mike Giblin

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Hello all! Need comments on enclosed trailer for Superlite GT-R. 15 ft long, 9 ft wheelbase, 3 ft overhang, 80 in wide. I have no trailer experience. My thoughts: 20 ft box, E track on floor, 83 in between wheel wells, beavertail, access door fwd rh side, winch. I see no way to get in or out of the car in the trailer unless selecting a unit similar to those that Neil and Steve recommend. I think I am resigned to winching it in and out. Thoughts?
Then axles, sprung or torsion? Tongue, extended? Other?
Thanks, Mike
Recently purchased a Futura brand all aluminum tilt bed trailer. Absolutely fantastic. Only weighs 1400 lbs. My F150 5.0 tows it like it isn't even back there. It's made to haul race cars, not skid loaders.

This is my third trailer after owning both open and closed models. The tie down system alone is worth the price. No more crawling around under and over to hook all the tie downs up. Very low deck height. Doesn't even need ramps or 2x4s.

Definitely get a winch. You guys without one are wearing the hell out of your clutch every time you load and unload.

Terry Oxandale

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Similar situation Mike, EXCEPT, the McLaren is easy to get out of once in the trailer. With that said, I never drive the car into the trailer. I winch it in and out...the winch is essential. My car is 73" at the wheels, and 83" on the spoiler, so it is tight, and doesn't have much margin for error if I was to try and drive it into the trailer without another set of eyes. With a remote winch switch, the winching is super easy.

My 3' overhang up front required a set of fabricated ramps that prevented dragging the nose. My trailer is a 20' Interstate Victory trailer, and appears to be well-built. I contemplated a 24' trailer due to some tight turns I needed to negotiate, and to date have no qualm going with the shorter trailer. I have no choice but to use an enclosed trailer due to the nature of my car, as well as distances needed to find a nice track, and simple security for the car and supporting equipment.

The ramps were an easy affair of 6' long 2 x 12 wood, three layers deep so that the ramp-door edge sits on the high end of the ramp, allowing the car to "step up" each layer until safely on the door-ramp. I installed E-track on both walls so that I could easily install overhead beam/shelves to carry stuff as needed, and other shorter E-track sections for a hammock for those times when I just want to rest. Bought a bunch of LED lighting for the inside, which has been great for night set-ups.
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Check out Futura Trailers.
Ive a cobber with a single axle version of these, has his Cobra in it under a alloy top cover that works off the trailer hydraulics, no doors etc, just cover operated by hyd rams etc, have a pic somewhere, a bit on the $$$ side but all he needs, GT40 loaded backwards would work fine & these trailers have one of the lowest deck angles around and best of all you wouldnt know there is a car inside.. Ill have a look for his pics & add later if I find em.