UN1 shift pattern

Eddy McClements

I have yet to collect my rebuilt UN1/013 from Chris Cole (should be this coming week) and have a question about shift pattern. Does the use of an original-style shifter like this one, and this type of rear linkage result in 1st being away from the driver like a standard pattern, or towards the driver like a ZF pattern?


Eddy McClements

Hi Eddy,
It will have reverse shift pattern with the hardware as shown, I.e.pull back lever for 1st
Thanks for the reply Andy - that's what my logic had told me, but before I finish fabricating my shifter I wanted to check. At least with this set-up, reverse will left-and-forwards as per the original cars. It's my understanding that UN1 has reverse left-and-back, ie. to the left of second gear, correct?

If anyone out there is running this style of original-style shifter, but with a different linkage at the rear I'd like to see a pic of the linkage.


Hi Eddy ....... just to confirm. 1st, 3rd and 5th will be backwards movement, 2nd and 4th will be forward movement. Reverse will be across to the left and forwards (with the lock-out lever up).
It can be a bit of a faff getting it set up due to the uj's and all the rod end bearings in the linkage. Once set up keep a watch on the rod end bearings as general road dirt/dust can cause the bearings to seize up.

Ian Anderson

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So take the lever off the gearbox shaft and rotate through 180degrees
Turn gear mechanism over so to turns upwards
You will now have standard H configuration
First left and forward and reverse down back to second

Or am I missing something?


Eddy McClements

Andy, Steve, Ian

Thanks all for the input. I'll try both ways (once I have built the car, of course!). I'm not sure the reflex action in my wrist will be able to learn that 1st gear is where 2nd can normally be found...!

Eddy McClements

Andy, Frank

Absolutely great, thanks. Basically what we're saying is that the fore/aft movement of the shift rod needs to be reversed somewhere along the line...either at the shift lever as in your pictures, or where the shift rod meets the 'box. The latter is my best option if I simply must have an original-style replica shifter plus a "conventional" H-pattern at the lever. Food for thought!


Eddy McClements

Been busy with the angle grinder. Started with this:-

and roughed-out a lever using some photos of an original gear lever

I tried to work out an elegant way of reversing the motion at the gearbox, but eventually decided it was much easier to do it at the shifter...

The hole near the midpoint of the lever will be tied to the ally block by a clevis and rose joint, much like the Porsche 962 shifter...