Wanted Assembly Manual or Info KVA etc.

Hi: I have a older KVA that Iam workig on and would like too find out any info on building this car or any other kind of info that would be relevant. Any help or direction would be greatly apreciated. Steve

Robert Logan

Defunct Manufactuer - Old RF Company

There was a feature in a kit car magazine in the '80's and knowing Ken Saunders as I do he will have a copy of the article. Ken has a KVA and is one of the most helpful GT40 guys you will find. Please pass on my regards and his contacts is as the last reply on this thread.

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Hello I also have a KVA kit that I am in the process of building. i am about 10 hours from you in PA. Please feel free to call or E-mail me with any questions. I have lots of sources and also I have the ability to make lots of parts on my own. WAiting to here from you. 814-455-1233M-F 8am to 5 PM or [email protected]


Ron Earp

You guys making KVAs should get with the Sabre owners on their section - the Sabre is a much improved KVA from what we can tell but each group should be solving similar problems. I know there are at least three, Mike, Lynn, and Jay.

I have a KVA body that I purchased from John Donnelly (english fello) just before Sabre went under. Comparing to the real car, I have found that the front end, doors,and roof is fairly accurate, the rear body work is not. Aft of the wheel wells, the rear body work is not correct. Almost 2" too short and the rear backpanel (where the tailites mount) is a good 3" too narrow. It's easy to see when you compare the centerline of the tailight holes with the lip spoiler - it's all wrong. I am trying to mount it to a scratch built chassis that I am building as a copy of a Mark I. I've made my own drawings, chassis, susp, body from 4 years of measuring 3 real Gt40's. It's a hoot.
Hi guys, I have a set of Mark One and Mark three moulds. The mark one body is accurate and we can supply panels in any format, weights, race spec with scoops etc etc. The mark three moulds were not from KVA. I will measure up the tail sections as i am curious to know whether they suffer the same annomolies as the KVA ones mentioned above. I will post info soon on the Forum. All the very best
Hello, !

Ken Atwell took moulds of a original MkIII.
To be able to get it some new panels.
In the same time he did the "KVA" MkIII.
Pretty sure, from the moulds he made from the original...
MkI is another story...
The KVA Mk 3 was definately taken from an original car, so is accurate in all respects. If it differs, it is not a KVA. The Mk 1 was also taken from an original and he sold body panels to Fords and owners of original GT40's
The KVA MkI got a modified MkIII body work.
How he did it i do not know.
But it is certainly not from a original .
Looks good, but it differs a lot when examining.
It even still has the MkIII doors...
I am in no way being negative, as i love all GT40ies.
But fact is fact.
The MkIII is the best "accurate" one..
I have not seen one Replica yet wich does not come from the KVA line...
Except ones with original bodies...
ERA comes pretty close..
I can not tell you if it is all accurate.
It looks like it thou....
Several Replica companies has advertised them selves as having body work moulded from original moulds etc...
That is just crap !
Fact is fact.
Some original´s has used GTD etc..bodywork as it is much cheaper as the guy´s races the cars !...
Everything can be made to fit !
I hope i do not offend anybody, as i do love all the cars etc...
But i am also in it for the truth !
There has been a lot of the opposite...
I to, can be wrong thou !...