Unfortunately this website is being trawled by internet fraudsters.
I have personally been made aware that the 'For Sale' section has attracted fraudsters on the lookout for potentially easy pickings. In particular if you are selling a high value item you may receive an email perporting to come from a genuinely interested buyer.
If the buyer insists on a Western Union payment method, be wary.
If the buyer seems too frivolous, be wary.
If the buyer asks too few questions, be wary.
They are capable of producing very authentic looking bankers drafts but these are forgeries so be wary.
If they suddenly offer to pay more than your asking price to cover shipping costs, be wary.
These are all a part of a potentially convincing scam to relieve you of your honestly earned bucks.
Don't give away your contact or bank details. If you give away your phone number you will likely receive unpleasant calls.
A lot of these scams originate in Nigeria and West Africa but they have accomplices, typically described as 'shipping agents' local to you and to me.
I was immediately suspicious and very fortunately and coincidently spoke to a friend who had recently experienced a very similar fraud attempt. Both of us were lucky.
Hi Chris
These scams have been around for a while now. They have also been mentioned here previously. You are absolutely right about the clues. Terrible written english is another clue, along with a reluctance to give you a home address or phone number (which you would obviously try to check out). I had one (or 15) try it on when I was selling a car recently. I led one of them up the garden path, round the sandpit, and back out the gate the other side. The building society draft he sent me is filed away under 'interesting episodes'.
What struck me most was when I discussed this with my bank, from the point of view of how to catch this idiot. The only response I could get out of them was that if I presented it to them, whilst suspecting that there was anything fraudulent, I would be committing an offence! On top of that they confirmed that it was quite possible for it to clear, and then later for it not to clear at which point I would have to pick up the bill. What a great banking system we have!
I have had several e-mails, to my eye created by a computer, wanting to buy items on the the for sale page of our website. They ask for more details but give the impression of total ignorance of what they are wanting to purchase, basically they offer no background to the request. I have filed them away under 'Suspicious' - you just have to be trust nothing on the Internet these days.
This is the latest one I received today, posing as a charity!! based in Australia!

Dear Seller,
We are the Department In Love Of God Charity Home Based in Australia
, We came across your ADS on Internet at We are realy Interested in
Purchasing your (AC 2.0 Litre 4 Door Saloon 1954}..But We want to know the Selling Cost
you want to sale it out, Because,anytime we want to purchase, We
first ask of the Price.Also talking of the Shipment to Australia, One
of my Church Member will arrange for the shipment and he have agreed
to make the payment by Cashier Cheque OR Money Order Drawn from
United State Of American,Also understand that the Cheque will surely
clear for the full payment and shipment .Moreover, We want you
to do understand better, Below is the Shipping Address :
"Department Of Love Of God Charity Home:"
Level 65, 1 Chandos Street,
ST LEONARDS NSW 2065 Australia
Fax # {131} 52173204
Tell : +618 8416 0864.
Like to know it is still for sale.Kindly Explain more about the
Present Condition of it, If it okay, will be glad to purchase it from
you. Important is about the Picture of it,Do forward the Picture of
to this e-mail box .However,Wil l be glad to view the picture of it
and to know about the present condition. Kindly forward to Us the
Information in which
the payment will be made out to you, Here is the Detail Asking below..
ZIPE CODE:......

All this information is needed so that the payment can be sent to
you. We want you to respond to Our Letter if you are satisfied with
the content of this letter.You can aswell Fax to Us regarding these
Fax Number...: {131} 52173204
Extend my greetings to your family.Will await your Urgent respond
With Information of Payment.
Thank you and best Regards.

Howard Jones

I hear that there is one now that wants your bank information so you can get 20% of Yasser Arafat's 20 million dollars. It seams that his wife has 20M and but she can't cash the check. You get 20% if you will allow her to cash her check through you checking account. She just needs you checking account number, SS # etc.

If I as that friggin stupid I'd shoot myself.
Wow level 65, i dont think there is a 65 level building in that area. The phone number is wrong for Sydney and thier English is crap for an Aussie but very good for a Nigerian (lol). IMHO you would have to be a dumb ass to fall for that scam.

IMHO you would have to be a dumb ass to fall for that scam.

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Let's give this phenomenon a catchy 21st-century name. I suggest "web-enabled financial Darwinism."