What Spray Glue is Best?

What spray glue is best for the reflective insulation mat in the engine compartment?

I used the 3M hi-strength 90 and when it got hot the mat fell off. On the instructions it says "not suitable for bonding unsupported vinyl". Also the 3M Super77 says "not for automotive headliners". So where is the real "super" stuff that holds anything?
yup 77 seems soft. I just redid some door panels in my 1966 bug and in regiular heat they started to give. I ended up using crazy glue to bond the vinyl to wood (the door skin) base don a recommendatio I found on a website. It worked great. I went to the website Elmers Glue | Instant Glue, Wood Glue, Craft Glue, Construction Glue and More to see what kind of glue was appropriate for mating those two materials. It gave me a baseline for what to use. Their website has a drop down menu upper left hand corner. It's worth a look see I think to see what types of bonding material are bet for the specific application..
The spray glue upholsters use is called TACC. May be available at Home Depot or Lowes. Upholstery supply shops will definately have this "super glue." This stuff sticks like !Xit to a blanket!

Tim Kay

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Ditto on the Cool It Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive mentioned above. Formulated for high temp engine bay insulation adhesion.

Mine has held a medium thick insulation on the underside of the rear clip over the headers for more than three years. I don't know how I'm going to remove it if\when the time comes.