What's It Like At The Gas Station?

John and Larry, I have had exactly the same things happen.
The non-car ladies, the telling of what it is (to a blank stare), to the 360 phone camera freeway orbit!
On one of the first drives I had a guy get out of his car while we were stopped at a left turn light and do the 360 thing, in traffic. o_O

Larry L.

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In any group there is one guy who knows and explains to his girlfriend that it is a Lamborghini.
Speaking of that:
A while back I had a '62 Chev 'full size' into which I'd swapped a duel AFB-equipped LS6 454, Richmond 5-speed and a 9" Ford.

SEVERAL TIMES at car shows I overheard young guys 'splainin' to their girlfriends how that engine was a duel 4bbl 409...and did so with real conviction!

I didn't have the heart to shoot them down in flames in front of their ladies...

Larry L.

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Not atypical, Larry.
'Wasn't actually referencing the number of people standing around the car (that's to be expected) as much as the fact that there were that many people IN THE AREA TO STAND AROUND the car at 2 A.M.!

I must truly be 'over the hill'. :-(
You guys are hilarious. I forgot to mention it was 2 a.m. during the dream cruise weekend here in Metro Detroit.. Funny part was that the gas station wasn't busy at all until I pulled in. There was a group of people talking in the parking lot next to the gas station and I saw them running over as I pulled in.