WTK:GT40's,and machine guns?)

WTK:GT40\'s,and machine guns?)

was wondering if any of you other GT 40 guys are into recreational machine gun shooting,or collect them legally of coarse,or am i the only gun nut here?Reguards ,WADE
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Not a collector,,,,,but back during my college days I had a summer job working for Mitch Werbel. Does that name ring a bell? He bought a house in Powder Springs Georgia that my father turned him on to. Beautiful place, stack stone built into a gentle hilside, 4 pastures 2 lakes in the font "lawn". I dated one of his three daughters. They were all pretty fast in those days. He had 2 sons also. Mitch was a little sawed off Napoleonic sort of guy,with a handlebar mustasche, and was always away from home. When asked where he was it was always off on an oil expedition or some sort. Then in 64 or 65 Argosy magazine did an article on him. Seems he was a soldier of fortune. Suppling James Bond type weapons to rulers and dictators around the world. Always one jump ahead of a revolution. Then in the article was his true claim to fame. Mitch was the guy who supplied ALL of the guns to the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba. Testified in front of several Senate committees. Michele and I stoped dating just before the article was published. I droped out of college in 66.Got married in 69 and went back to college. in 71 or 72 I changed my major and wanted to stay in school another year. In order to not graduate at the end of summer quarter I took a job for the summer working for Mich. He had built a factory in Marietta Ga., my home town ( Powder Springs was sorta next door ), that was named Military Armament Corp. where he built a little gun called the MAC 9, 10, and I believe the 11.They were the guns that you see in all the movies that drug runners use. Small about the size fo a 45 with 30 round clips. The guns came in 3 configurations, the 22, the 45 and the 9 mm. The 22 coould fire at a rate of 1500 rounds per minute. On full automatic you could only touch the trigger once to empyt the full thirty round clip. These guns were awsome. no recoil to speak of. Mitch also manufacture guns,( fully automatic shotguns for the point men in Vietnam ) special subsonic amunition, night vision scopes, and sniper rifles from the Ruger 22. He had one awsome collection of weapons.
I know it's not about GT40s but thought you would be interested in the tale


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I am a hunter and a shooter. Having been retired early as a result of the Dow acquisition of Union Carbide I have too much time for these pursuits

Fortunately, the job provided pretty well for a collection that is a lot of fun. It is small on the Class 3 side ... but I've never owned anything that has appreciated in value so well.

Contact me off list.

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hey,Bill i did enjoy your story i have had the pleasure of shooting a few M 11 in 9mm,you are right about the rate of fire usually the mag is empty before the brass hits the ground,i got a buddy who does a slow fire conversion on them an builds them into carbines .we use them to shoot sub gun matches.i am glad to her thier history being that i was born in 1966 i did not know the history on them. if one could have invested in machine guns back in 66 you could prabably have owned a few real GT40's with the profit you would have made in todays market.although the macs are still reasonable you can pick one up between $1200 and $1500 i may get one myself.
hey,Mike glade to hear your a fellow collector,anything class 3 you have will appreciate eventually,you should try to make the Knobb Creek machine gun shoot in KY its in april or october its great fun we shoot guns for about 2 days straight just about anthing you can think of is there,i think we pass through Charleston on our way down.
hey Ron,sorry for posting in the wrong area just wanted to see how many GT40 guys also liked guns. REGUARDS, WADE
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At the tender age of 12, while spending the night at a cousin's house, I had the privilege of playing with a "Ma Deuce", M2 Browning, complete with tripod. The gun was at his grandmother's house, resting under a bed, collecting dust. Apparently, this kid's grandfather had become attached to the gun during his stint in the Army. No 50BMG ammo was found, although we did look. As far as the grandmother knew, it was just some gun that her husband had brought back from the war. When she found out what it was, she freaked out, and promptly donated it to a museum.
Talk about the ultimate boy's toy, but it would be rather expensive to shoot!


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I think this must be an NRA/US topic, we can't even own pea-shooters in the UK!
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Hi all -

Dave has it about right - you almost need to be titled over here to own a proper firearm - I'll stick to my Logun .22 Air rifle - a precharged pneumatic I can make half inch groups at 30 metres with - still some fun.

One event that I remember from my chidhood though was a friend who was heavily into replicas etc and who had a replica sterling sub-machine gun at 14 - It did'nt fire anything and was not capable of being converted (good thing too) but he did manage to convert it to fire some blanks that he made by fitting .22 rim-fire blanks into the bottom of spent 9mm modified casings. I'll never forget the time he tested it in his bedroom, not expecting it to work. In one huge eruption of noise, it emptied the mag (which only had half a dozen modified blanks fitted) in about half a second. It was deafening, filled the room with smoke and his mum rushed upstairs and went berserk!

In reflection it was bloody stupid really - but bloody funny at the same time!

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not really recreationally. Maybe professionally. I have 8 M249s. Does that count? I also really enjoy grenade launchers.
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and 4 .50 cals, and 35 M16s, and 4 M203s, and the coup de grace', 2 Mk 19s.