ZF 5 DS-25/2 for sale

Hi Paul, My transaxle is ready to bolt up and go. It will bolt up to any Ford small block. The output drive axles are ready for your U jointed half shafts
so how different is the shifting linkage for this unit from the Renault one? also is it a tighter shifting pattern? I am asking lots of questions because I don't know what it would take to switch and don't want to do something dumb.

You will find the shift pattern is "tighter" than the Renault. However keep in mind the ZF in GT40 configuration has the input below the transfer/output shaft i.e. the engine is low in the chassis. I believe most of the Renault boxes are set for the input above the output therefor requiring you to lower the engine. At least that is what I understand.
The ERA bellhousing is included as pictured. This transaxle was installed in one of my ERA GT's. The cars have been sold and I'm cleaning out my garage. All the work has been done. I have a stock Ford 2 bolt starter that I will toss in and the ZF throw out bearing, ZF shop manual as well. If you're building a car or are running a 5 DS/25 and need a spare box, this will save a lot of time and expense
The one to have. Well, the one I have, so naturally I think it's the best. But I think it really IS the best. These shift like a rifle bolt, it's wonderful.