ZF Easy In & Out Modification

Tim Kay

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Hi Buzz,

I really liked your slotted ZF bell housing idea so the transmission could be removed and reinstalled with out pulling the engine.

I duplicated your stud dimensions exactly. However, I made my slots off center so the studs are more at one end of slots instead of in the center. I thought this might be stronger and it helped to preserve the brace webbing a little bit.

The only difficulty I encountered was that to install the transmission, the clutch splines, pilot bushing, and input shaft splines must all be carefully aligned. The studs prevent the transmission assembly from being rocked left and right to get alignment as would usually be done.

Also, you must drink a shot of whiskey to steady your hands before putting the nuts onto the studs. However, not being much of a drinker, I just made a safety net with tape to catch the nuts in case I dropped them while trying to thread them onto the studs.

To finish this off, I will add cover plates over the slots.

Thanks for the idea. It will make future transmission work much easier.




I love the safety net made out of tape.

When I said you could swing the ZF in and out in ten seconds if you dropped the nut I was still mocking up on the floor. I forgot about the reality of lining things up. I'm envisioning a replacement for your tape in the form of a 1.5 inch wide "tongue depressor" made out of sheet metal with a 90 degree bend an inch from one end. Slip it under the stud, and if the nut drops you pick it off the "depressor" with a magnet. The shot of whiskey is for the celebration...for those who imbibe.

I also like your offset idea. It might be a little easier to hold the nut while getting it started.

Good improvements!!