Identify This Replica If Possible

Hi. New guy here. My buddy bought a storage unit with a GT40 project car inside. We are trying to figure out who made the chassis. The car has never been on the street. It has a ZF 5-speed, new engine, Flaming River rack and pinion, chrome snake-nest exhaust--(says RS Type), Vintage Air AC. I spent two hours today crawling all over and under it today and cannot find an I.D. plate anywhere. Got a date code off one of the tires--it's a pre-2000 date code--10th week of 1999.

The chassis looks well done to my eye. However the body is absolute crap. Something happened to the body and whoever tried to repair it and mount it did a horrible job. I believe the body is only good for garage art at this point. But the chassis appears to be excellent.

Here are some pictures if anyone can help I.D. this.

Ok. I figured out I need 10 posts in order to post pictures.
Here are some pictures of the car. It's inside a storage unit so I couldn't pull back to get a picture of the entire chassis. If anyone can tell who made the chassis, please chime in.


Randy V

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I don’t know what makes you think it has a ZF 5 speed. It sure looks like an Audi 016 transaxle.
The chassis is not familiar to me. I believe I saw your pictures on Facebook also. The body looked like the bigger part of your project...
Also, I notice the side of the transaxle shows the Audi symbol and then, "W Germany". Germany was reunited in 1990, so I would guess this transaxle was made before 1990. Make sense?

And is that a date code below the W Germany? 28 9 86

So is the Audi transaxle very robust?

Found the below GT40s Thread, but it mostly speaks of the availability and O.D. gearing:

Audi 016 transaxle availability USA


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Despite the reported condition of the body, photos of it might help with chassis identification, most kits come as a body & chassis.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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Front suspension is Pinto/Mustang II/Street Rod system. It has a double pivot lower arm in lieu of the standard compression strut type lower, the double pivot is commonly a street rod type upgrade.
Thanks Rick. Is the Pinto/Mustang II/S.R. System adequate? Is it piss-poor? Is it really good? I know nothing about Ford products, I'm a vintage Chevy and Dodge guy.

Rick Muck- Mark IV

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It has been a popular "go to" IFS system for street rods for 40 years. Not optimum but very workable. There are many special replacement control arms and spindles to resolve bump steer, etc.
Wow. Thanks guys. My buddy's car has small splotches of the exact shade of dark blue in several places. I think this may be it.

Doc Watson

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I initially though it was a KVA... the KCC was a KVA but made in SA. The link in #17 has a blog with some history of that car...

"The history of the KCC kit is also interesting. Apparently, a guy called Ken Atwell at the Ford museum in the UK was asked to take moulds of a genuine Mk III GT40. Ken then formed KVA who produced the first GT40 replicas. This same kit also ended up in South Africa and was produced by KCC who adjusted it slightly to match the Mk I GT40 (well that's how I understand it). Apparently most of these KCC kits used a Ford V8, Audi gearbox, Ford Cortina front suspension and Ford Grenada rear suspension. So that's exactly what we have (with the exception of the Ford V8)."