1. L

    Hi all from another Newb

    Hi all. I found this site years ago while searching for any examples of a build I have long fantasized about (a mid engine 1966 Mustang Fastback.) I found several articles and even some actual documented builds online, already. Even this one where FORD made one as a prototype...
  2. Hendrickx Paul

    KVAMk3 rebuild

    Hello all, very soon beginning March i will start the rebuild of my Mk3Kva. If one of you has cleko's for sale and a air-powered rivet gun ? From sombody who has ended his build and the stuff is taking dust en the shelf . at a low price? the car is low to...... please let me...
  3. J

    KVA build instructions

    Does somebody have build instructions for a KVA. Chassis in not the problem, its all the other stuff that needs to fitted to the chassis. I bought a stranded project. A rolling KVA chassis with body & ancileries fully dismantled Need guidelines as I want to do it correct. Body is a MK2 &...
  4. MotorEddy

    Southern GT #48

    I am delighted to say that I have just been to collect Southern GT chassis #48 from Mick and the team, together with a pre-cut aluminium panel set, wishbones and fasteners. Doesn't sound like much, but I'm sure it'll keep me out of mischief for a while. Collecting chassis in a LWB Merc...
  5. D

    Any UK based SLC owners?

    Have been lurking for a while. Im seriously contemplating an SL-C build here in the UK. I was wondering if there were any SL-C build owners in the UK who could answer a few questions? Cheers Mike
  6. M


    Hopefully this is the appropriate forum for this post. I will be visiting Australia in March of next year for a couple of weeks. (Sydney area). My oldest lives there. Since I have to make the sojourn and visit, and it will take precious time away from the garage and my build, I should have...
  7. S

    Bundle of snakes dimensions

    Does anyone know where I can find dimensions and angles to build a set of 180 degree headers for a GT40?
  8. D

    newb from South Texas

    Can't stand it any longer, tired of being a lurker! Hope to start my SL-C journey sometime next year. Been drawing inspiration and quite a few ideas from all the build threads. Thank you to all those who have lead the way and documented their experiences.
  9. P

    Hello from Nottingham

    Hi All, Just to introduce myself, hopefully I will be around for a long time. I have owned another legend car for the last ten years, a 1987 BMW E30 M3. I love it, it may not be the quickest thing around but it delivers fun by the bucket load, either fast road use or the occasional track...
  10. lobelsteve

    Steve's GT-R Build Thread

    And so it begins.... 1st contact with Fran 2012 via email. Joined here in 2013. Set on SLC then, bolstered by Stacey David's Gearz. Got serious a year ago and started emailing Fran again. Visited H-Craft's shop and sat in SLC and his just arrived GT-R. Sold on GT-R over SLC at that time...
  11. M

    Project Plan

    Since this is about an RCR GT40 kit build, I will put this in this forum. OK, I can start by admitting that I have on occasion been accused of being too project focused, with that said, has anyone every put together a “project plan” for an RCR build? I of course have RCR’s manual and Chuck...
  12. Howard Jones

    SLC build threads?

    What happened to them overnight? Please tell me this is temporary.
  13. S

    Intro from Nangkita

    Hi All, This could possibly the most belated intro considering I've been a member of the site for almost 10 years. Thought I better say G'Day. I'm not a GT40 owner/builder yet, but it'll definitely happen one day, once I finish restoring our house, build the stables for the wife, restore...
  14. F

    New SLC owner

    Hi everybody. First of all thank you to fellow superlite slc owners for all the valuable info on this forum. I visited the factory in June, attended the factory five Cobra replica build school with my 12 year old son in order to see if a kit car build was a reasonable project for us, and...
  15. J

    New SL-C runs Road America

    We gave Ted Harrison at Quick Racing Products a recipe to build usa new race only SL-C. And what a job Ted and Don did. We specified: Schwartz performance 670 HP LS7 tuned by Nils at Castillo Motorsports Tilton 7-1/4 triple metallic clutch w/ hyd release bearing custom flywheel(Aasco...
  16. Kurtiss

    Kurtiss' GT-R

    I have been lurking in the background for a few years watching all the great build threads and trying to decide what car I would like to build. Sure, I’ve looked at the car manufactures like Superformance, CAV, Factory Five, Race Car Replicas, Superlite and many others. In 2016 I discovered...
  17. S

    New GTD40 owner

    Hi My name is Steve Rivett and live near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England. My plan on retirement was to build a GT40 replica but I got caught by the Mazda FD3S RX7s. Owning 1 myself 380 bhp and rebuilding over 50 rotary engines over the past 6 years. Now 71 years old I left it too late...
  18. J

    2016 Superlite SLC 100% sorted and ready to go **SOLD**

    Well this may end up being the shortest ownership of all time but I know what I like and know what I don’t so my loss is your gain! I purchased a 2016 SLC from John Burer, a great guy very nice and very knowledgeable on the platform. My anticipation was to receive the car, throw some...
  19. R


    How do I search for a persons build log?
  20. J

    GT3 Porsche Powered SLC for sale on BAT Interesting build w/approx. 100 miles. Auction ends 9/21.