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My name is Steve Rivett and live near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England.
My plan on retirement was to build a GT40 replica but I got caught by the Mazda FD3S RX7s. Owning 1 myself 380 bhp and rebuilding over 50 rotary engines over the past 6 years.
Now 71 years old I left it too late to build a GT40 myself so have bought a factory built GTD.
The car was built by GTD under the supervision of Ray Christopher in1996 and first registered in June 1997. Chassis number GTD40012020035397.
The engine is a 351W built by Charles Deberry in Connecticut.
The 351w is bored and stroked out to 390 cu in, heat treated and normalised, machined and blueprinted and finally x-rayed. Pistons are TRW forged 11.5 to 1 under Allan Root heads with big valves and an Isky high lift cam. Crank is Ford Custom, nitrided and micro polished. All reciprocating and rotating parts balanced. Dyno run at 480 bhp.
Gearbox is an uprated and strengthened 5 speed Renault unit.
The car has been owned by the original owner until I bought it and has only covered 5,650 miles.
I have already booked it in to Southern GT to have the uprated rear chassis fitted along with a rod operated gearshift.
I plan to upgrade the suspension myself over the winter.
I have been reading lots of build threads and thank all who have written about their builds.


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Mike Pass

Hi Steve.
Welcome to the forum with your first post. Please post a few more pics of your car. The engine spec sounds interesting with an 11.5:1 compression ratio. Looks like you will be scouting around for the good stuff at the pumps or buying a few crates of octane booster. I have had my GTD for 10 years now and had a lot of fun with it.
I don't know if you are a member of the GT40 Enthusiasts Club or if you plan to be. As you are in Cambridge the Nearest regional meeting to you is the Western Area. The local representative is Richard Craven. They meet up at The George Inn, Bristol Road, Cambridge, Dursley, CL2 7AL on the 1st Monday of the month.
I have sent you a private message. (see top left of page)
Hi Steve,
Welcome to the forum. I think Mike has the Cambridge in Gloucestershire mixed up with the correct Cambridge in Cambridgeshire. So your nearest local meet is probably the East Anglia Area which meets on the 2nd Tuesday in the Month at the Scole Inn, near Diss. We regularly have owners with KVA, Southern GT and a Tornado (myself) attending and you'll welcome to come along.
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Hi Steve, Like you I took the easier option (similar age to you!) and bought a factory built CAV rolling chassis and had a Ford 348 with Quaife transaxle fitted. I live just south of Cambridge (1 mile away from Duxford junction on M11) would love to see your car at some point.


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Welcome to the forum. I'm in Cambridge a few times a year and had no idea there were so many GT40 owners around there. Maybe next time I can meet up for a pint or three and see some other GT40s.
Good to know i’m not the only old f..t (77 last week) with a GT40. Acquired my GTD a few months ago (804AJB) re-engineered around ‘99 as a racer by The Master - Frank Catt - little used over the past few years so sent down to Frank (I live in East Yorkshire) for recommissioning and alterations to fit my 6’1” frame - he is definitely the man, pity I don’t live closer, I’d be in his shop every week.
Great nostalgia as I was involved with Bernard White Racing back in ‘66 with both 1001 the ex Essex Wire car and Bernard’s road GT40.
I would recommend anyone to join the GT40 Enthusiasts Club. Enjoy the forum all.
Hello Steve,
Welcome! I joined almost a year ago and love the folks here. I'd love to know where you found your GTD chassis number? I cant seem to find mine.