1. S

    LS7 Engine For sale - Near Complete Drop Out

    SOLD!!! Price Drop: 8500 Posting here in case there are any SL-C guys or a GTM lurker who might be looking for an engine. Asking 8500 USD for what you see below, I am located in Manassas Va. LS7 Engine from 2008 Corvette Z06 for sale. 12K Miles, all cylinders have compression within 4lbs of...
  2. C

    Engine Questions: GT40 (RCR)

    Delete Delete.
  3. K

    Never get tired of seeing this:

    Race Engine Porn.....:thumbsup:
  4. W


    Anybody got an old Ford Cosworth DFV F1 / F3000 engine kicking about under a bench ? Frank
  5. 7

    Here's a loaded question: Which engine would be best for an RCR build?

    I know, I know. I'm probably going to get 100 different responses with 100 different opinions. But I gotta ask. Looking at possibly a GT40 build. I was originally thinking of a 428FE engine for a build. But I was barraged with people telling me that I'll be tearing up the transmission in no...
  6. J

    Thats strange ...

    Hi all . my 40 is almost complete now . been doing final testing of stuff as you do ... Just making sure all is good .... ready for IVA .........so all has been good engine starting and running up nice ..... all lighting good .... body catches ..... fans ... BUT to day I was in the garage...
  7. M

    UK Registration, "As New"

    Just thinking ahead here... The UK DVLA states that for a reconditioned part (in my case the engine) "you can show that the part has been reconditioned to an ‘as new’ standard, in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines". I've just bought a 302, but it has Aluminium heads and an Edelbrock...
  8. PeteB

    Help! Throttle position sensor error

    So I'm 100 miles from home at a car show . 7 miles from the show the check engine light comes on and no response to the throttle. Reads code 1238. I let it sit for a while and tried restarting the engine. No check engine light, throttle works fine. I'm a bit concerned about driving all the way...
  9. Howard Jones

    Brake parts selection info

    I found this thread on a pro touring orientated website. These cars are pretty much all front engine Camaros, Mustangs, and larger US muscle cars. BUT the information contained in this thread is extremely informative and most of the math and many of the examples can be extrapolated to a mid...
  10. N

    Help with motor to clutch setup

    I have Ford 347 twin turbo motor driving a Porsche g50 / 52 transaxle since i am now using a pull clutch what effect will that have on the engine as they normally run a push clutch Anyone out there running the same combo?
  11. P

    Spark Plugs

    Hi guys anyone know of a good performance plug to replace NGK BPR5FS on my 5.0 Ford engine in my 1991 GTD Cheers Paul
  12. D

    LS engine covers

    regarding LS engine covers does any one know if there is an engine cover available that will work with the reversed intake on the SL-C ? I bought the LS7 vette covers but they don't work. also it has to fit under the rear clam. Cheers, Grant
  13. W

    331 stroker on 8 stack ITBs

    Hi All, I am having an engine built by Chris Smith at Devon Racing and was hoping that someone may have experience with an engine to a similar specification. Does the specification look like a good combination of components and how much BHP and torque might the engine make? Induction system is...
  14. D

    Hello from Texas

    I'm starting to seriously consider a GT40 for primarily road use and occasional track days. I have just finished building a FFR '33 Ford with a Coyote Ford engine. That project took 3 1/2 years to complete. I don't think I want to spend that much time again on a GT40 or similar if I can do a...
  15. B

    Post 75 302

    I'm in the early days of my build and still working on what components to use a quick look for 302s and there very sparse on the ground I know it's ideal to use a pre 75 but how much difficulty will it cause buying a newer engine with emissions etc just so I'm not restricted to such a small...
  16. F

    Francesco (fra75) gt40 project

    Hello to everyone, excuse my english. I write from the Italian, and following an incident that was not my fault, in which I destroyed the shelby gt 500 of 2011, I decided to give life to the engine building my dream .... the gt 40, this is my gt40 project. I built the chassis to accommodate...
  17. S

    3d CAD tool, wich is the best suited?

    Hi, i'm about to start my project soon and want to be a step ahead and get started with the design of the frame and suspensionparts asap. This means i'm looking into what programs are the easiest to draw tubular frames in and also engine parts and suspension parts. Best i found so far that...
  18. Dan carter

    Radiator Venting Overboard

    Gents Ran the engine for the first duration run to check for proper engine cooling. I have a canton fill can with 16lb radiator cap. With the engine at 190 degrees, I note the overflow tube is releasing anti freeze. The hot side of the radiator is warm to the touch, the return side is very...
  19. E

    Mendeola vs G50/G96

    Looking for a transaxle for my project. I'm putting an LS7 in a 1992 Esprit. The engine will initially be stock but I would like to do some light mods down the road. My engine will make around 550hp and 500ft-lbs with a rev limiter of about 7200. What I'm looking for is a trans that will...
  20. G

    Soon there will be one more SLC in Houston.

    Moved to SLC forum. Sorry about that. Godspeed.