1. S

    Iso Grifo engine

    were these ever 351 cleveland engines? simon
  2. Silver66fb

    Fuel Starvation Under Braking - SPF40

    I've read several threads about fuel systems, pumps, swirl pots, baffling, etc. I'm currently running a single mechanical (Carter) pump to the Holley carb on my Roush 427SR. Both the pump and Holley were supplied with the crate engine. My symptom is that the engine has died twice recently...
  3. J

    Whar engine to choose: 302 vs Coyote

    Hi, I am planning to do a GT40 build in the near future but am nor sure what engine to choose. Maybe I can get some input from someone here? The choice is between a Ford 302 and a Ford Coyote. Some of my considerations are: - Sound (engine and exhaust), any difference? - Economy, maybe...
  4. I

    How many times did you remove engine?

    I'm getting closer by the day and while I pretty much have figured out I'm going with the 480hp LS3 my conflict now is to drop ship it to RCR to bolt in before it ships or ship to my house and put it in myself. My main issue is the purchase of an engine stand at this moment. I love tools as...
  5. Godspeed

    G96/01 rear support

    I'm using a Porsche G96/01- LS3 combo. The rear section of the trans is not supported. I believe I read somewhere some builders are using a rear trans mount. My engine and trans are solidly mounted. Any suggestions?
  6. Mark IV

    SPF Drivetrain Install

    Once upon a time there was an online "wiki" with much of the information. Sadly the person who hosted it has let it go. If we can recover the documentation I will host it in the future. You are welcome to call Time Machines and we will help however we can. And perhaps ypu will need some of...
  7. D

    LS9 for sale

    I wanted to post this in the SLC club house first just to see if any of you are interested. If not, I'll put it in the for sale section and then on to Ebay. If any of you are on other sites like FFR or LSTech, feel free to let them know too(I would appreciate it!). I have this brand new crate...
  8. B

    Wooden Ferrari Engine

    Someone in Sydney is selling a lifesized, wooden Ferrari 365 V12 engine on ebay (USD $6,000). http://cgi.ebay.com/Ferrari-365-V12-engine-/130400395269 If that link expires, try: http://gizmodo.com/5673491/this-wooden-v12-ferarri-engine-wont-get-you-very-far