Brake parts selection info

Howard Jones

I found this thread on a pro touring orientated website. These cars are pretty much all front engine Camaros, Mustangs, and larger US muscle cars. BUT the information contained in this thread is extremely informative and most of the math and many of the examples can be extrapolated to a mid engine layout with a little mental manipulation.

There is a lot of very good discussion on master cylinder and caliper sizes including spread sheets with current production parts and their cylinder sizes including Wilwood, Bremo, GM, etc. There is plenty of information on pad friction and examples of pad manufactures friction numbers and how they relate to brake system design.

This is a long thread but as I say I got a lot of information out of it. It could be combined with the calculators I have attached.

Brake sizing and selection tutorial featuring Ron Sutton and Tobin of KORE3

Dual Bias Calc.
ERA built me a GT in the 90's using Corvette brakes on 15" wheels. Like the originals it lacked in braking compared to mother cars with bigger brakes and power assisted. It also lacked in power with only 330ci small block.

The 2nd ERA was built 10 years later with bigger brakes, 17" wheels and power assisted. The engine this time was a 409ci small block. So now the car stops and HP to pass