1. J

    New French member !

    Hi guys ! I'm new here, I would love to build an RCR 40 so I think I'm in the right place to talk about GT40 :D See you
  2. G

    917 rcr

    Hello guys, Yes I know it's an old thing, and everybody here are only interested in SLC....(or maybe GT40...) I have few questions: - does anyone have done some track test with the RCR917 ? any track report ? - on previous version (RCR old websaite) there was some front and rear...
  3. D

    Rcr 962

    Has anyone built one of the RCR 962 yet? I think it's probably a lot less "street-able" than the RCR40 or SL-C, but... it's a 962! Fran?
  4. C

    FS: RCR40 4" Wide Body Gulf **SOLD**

    S o l d
  5. P

    RCR GT40 on "Ride With Norman Reedus "

    Did anyone catch the killer white RCR GT40 on the episode last night?? Looked amazing! | Ron
  6. P

    Help! Sheared Axle.

    I sheared the splined stub axle where the spline ends. Both left and right side axles had already twisted and the right one finally sheared on track (corner 5 at Texas World Speedway). I had already ordered new shafts from RCR and they should be here soon but why should the replacements behave...
  7. P

    Paul's RCR GT40 build

    I purchased the RCR GT40 that Scott B. from Texas had started. Have wanted a GT40 for quite a while and when Scott said he would sell his I had to do it. Thanks to Scott for letting it go. Fran, Vicki and Kristin at RCR have been very helpful so far in getting things going. I've been building...
  8. Dreamcars

    RCR Carbon Fiber Seats For Sale

    I am offering a set of RCR Carbon Fiber Seats which came with my SLC. I have no need for them and need the space. Asking $600.00 Plus shipping, Brackets included. Location, Yardley, PA 19067
  9. mesamaui

    First test with my RCR40 on the track

    Had my RCR GT40 out for testing at Buttonwillow RCR 1965 Ford GT40 First Test run on Track - YouTube
  10. I

    Who Runs 20" Rears?

    First off, I should have done more research on the 19/20 combo....had I, I'd realized 19/19 would be a better route. But since I already went that route, I'm kinda stuck for now. RCR recommends 325/30/20 or 335/25/20, but as I've discovered there's not too many options, far less if you don't...
  11. J

    New Member From N. Texas

    Hello, I've been checking this forum out for some time. Decided I better get on here and do a formal introduction. I'm from N. Texas DFW area and am currently considering the following projects. Hopefully hanging out here with some of you will push me in the right direction. Factory Five 33...
  12. Racing Division Inc

    RCR MKl for Sale **SOLD**

    YFor Sale RCR Mkl Built in 2007 by Bill Pinzini, acquired by Michael Holmes of Racing Division, Inc. El Segundo 2010. Car has approximately 7500 miles. RCR gauges have been replaced by custom ‘smith’ style SpeedHut gauges. This is a road legal under California’s SB100 program. Condition of the...
  13. gt40rick

    Rick's RCR GT40

    I sold my GTD GT40 in 2005 because I wanted to retire in Mexico. That retirement was short lived since my wife was not happy living in Mexico. I returned to Houston where I am the director of maintenance for UTLX Manufacturing. Of all the cars that I have had I regret selling my GT40 so...
  14. A

    RCR Jackets

    I have two RCR jackets (Large). $45.00 each shipped in the lower 48 USA Mamma needs a new pair of shoes!! :thumbsup: Thanks for looking - Allen Cell# 503.989.3154
  15. W

    RCR P4 drive video

    This is a Sunday morning shake down drive of my P4 replica. It sounds great, although with straight open headers, I can't sneak out of my neighborhood. YouTube - RCR P4 replica test drive Jim
  16. A

    See my RCR40 on the LEVERAGE TV show (The Boost Job)

    I was fortunate enough to have my car used as a prop during the filming of Leverage (Season 3, Episode 8 ) The Boost Job Air Date : 8/1/2010 So I wasn’t fortunate enough to let them use my car like my friend Don Newman, who was asked for the use of his FFR Roadster for the Leverage episode...