1. C

    Stainless mig welding a custom exhaust system

    Just wondering if I should tackle welding up a custom stainless exhaust system (downstream of the 4-into-1 manifold and collector) for my bastardized Lotus Esprit project (with a SBF). I'm a decent mig welder with mild steel - good penetration, strong welds, not the prettiest looking welds...
  2. W

    331 stroker on 8 stack ITBs

    Hi All, I am having an engine built by Chris Smith at Devon Racing and was hoping that someone may have experience with an engine to a similar specification. Does the specification look like a good combination of components and how much BHP and torque might the engine make? Induction system is...
  3. D

    London Tower Block Fire

    It's beginning to unravel. The outright corruption that caused these blocks to be clad in what is basically a system such as Cellotex with a flimsy metal cover is being uncovered. I find it really strange that this country can afford to build HS2 but leave so many people housed in rubbish...
  4. M

    Dual Fan Control

    In planning the electrical system, does anyone have any recommendations for the cooling fan control system?
  5. H

    EFI change

    Currently have a ford 342 by roush with a 750 cfm. holly . The ignition is MSD electronic. I am tempted with the borla 8 stack efi Webber look like so being OCD about understanding the system before buying it wondered if I could get some corrective advice on the workings of the system. 1 ...
  6. C

    Infinity Box or Relays

    Hey folks, I would like someone to set me straight about using the Infinity Box Multiplex system. When using Infinity Box is there a actual need for relays? Blessings, Charlie
  7. C

    Reco on injection and ignition

    Hi, My Fortus (347 SBF in a Lotus Esprit) project is making progress. I have the engine/transaxle mounts fabricated and the drivetrain is essentially mounted. Now comes the tough part - axle shafts, hooking up the ancillaries, oiling, cooling mods, etc. etc.... I have a basic Holley double...
  8. G

    Soon there will be one more SLC in Houston.

    Hello Everyone, I am happy to say that back in November, components for my SLC started production. I talked to Allen several times and was very impressed with his attention to detail. I feel fortunate to have him starting my build in September. I have already purchased the new corvette Z06...
  9. G

    Soon there will be one more SLC in Houston.

    Moved to SLC forum. Sorry about that. Godspeed.
  10. L

    Fuel Pressure explained

    Nothing ground breaking here but this short article put a couple concepts together for me especially concerning Fuel pressure and injectors on forced induction systems and return vs returnless so I thought I'd share it... Fuel Pressure Explained
  11. M

    Coolant System Overflow Tank

    I am working on the details of the cooling system and have the pressurized "Header" tank worked out. In looking at the overflow tank, I have a -4AN fitting going to a 1/8th NPT at the top of the tank, and a drain at the bottom. Shouldn't there be a hose connected to the NPT thread going to the...
  12. Godspeed

    Cooling system concern

    When I purchased my car secondhand it came with a set of well made stainless steel tubes from the engine to the radiator. Now that I'm at the point of finalizing the cooling system I realized the tubes are backwards. The radiator outlet is at the top of the rad. The issue being any steam/ gases...