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This transaxle is in a later model CAV. I think it's an open diff because when rear is jacked up tires spin in opposite directions. ISSUE: car has run fine for a couple of years. Now, under acceleration, when you get it on, or when shifting at speed, the engine rpm/tach needle goes up but car doesn't seriously accelerate...it's as if the tires are wet/spinning but they're not. Checked clutch, and also throw on slave cylinder to make sure there is proper disengagement, all this seems to be in order. No trash sounds or whining. What else could this be? These transaxles didn't have LSD with clutch plates, or Torsen diff, correct? And anyway, I did the simple test above and counter-rotation indicates an open diff. Don't know what to look at next. Thoughts appreciated.

Also: If I can't figure anything else out then I'm thinking of putting an LSD in this tranny for good measure. I want a simple install. I don't race. What would you suggest? On this forum it seems the simplest may be a Porsche 944 unit which appears to pretty much be a drop in. If there is a reliable and almost-just-as-easy alternative, I'd probably go with the alternative. Thx again. ROB
No pro here, but I still think I'd look at the clutch. I know you say it engages, but it doesn't sound like its holding. Perhaps the disc is worn, or the pressure plate is no longer supplying sufficient clamping force.
Thanks for quick reply, Ron. That just seems right. I will try this: from a standing start pull away in fifth gear, it should stall, if not, there's slippage. A more advanced test...I'll need to take it to my mechanic. If you have any advice on putting in an LSD let me know.

If you don't have a LSD, then there is no chance that the symptoms are from "slippage" in the differential. The two output shafts are essentially "locked" together by gears. Sure, one can turn more than the other, but if the engine is sending power, it has to go somewhere. The fact that the engine is trying to send power, and yet neither wheel seems to be getting it suggests a slipping clutch.

From a performance standpoint, an LSD can be a nice addition if you push the car hard enough to use it. It sounds like you've been driving for a few years now, and haven't had any complaints. I think that answers your question, you probably don't need one.

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Clutch slipping on change up?

What diameter clutch pipe are you running?
It has been known that with the narrow bore 3/16 from memory the amount of fluid moved to activate the slave and have it return is so large that it is not possible to do a quick change due to the drag of the fluid returning through the system.

A 1/4 pipe will stop this problem

Based on above I will replace the clutch. Hopefully the disc is a "stock" unit. Is there any particular source or brand of disc that is recommended...that will fit with flywheel and pressure plate...or just go back with whatever is in there? I don't know the size til it's apart. And I won't do the LSD. Thanks so much for advice. I have been amazed at how reliable this car has been. I did replace the original cheap fuel tanks with custom ones that fit perfectly. And now I have this issue. No biggie. If any one wants the source and the CAD drawings for fuel cells for a "post-100 CAV, send me a PM.


If you have an 016 then you might try the clutches from SPEC. I replaced my original clutch years ago because of the chatter and it's been great. When I upgraded to the GTA (www.germantransaxle.com) modified 016 they added a reasonable ring gearing and LSD. I've been really pleased with it. The SPEC clutch I used was SA113F and even though the thing was five years old when we installed the new box, it showed little wear.

Here's a comparison.


Great advice. Thanks. I would add that First Gear with this tranny is pretty much a waste. Ratio such that I gotta go "instantly" to second. Would like to change but don't really want to break open the box right now.
Rob, just wanted to mention there is both a quaife and an OBX limited slip available for your 016 transaxle. Yes, the 944 LSD goes in pretty easily but can be hard to find. The quaife is a similar installation and works well. Haven't tried the OBX but it may be a viable option if you're determined to have an LSD.

As far as the slipping, yes, sounds like you have a clutch issue. One idea, you can easily back the clutch slave cylinder out of it's hole after removing the slip pin and have a little look around in there with an inspection camera - $10 buck inspection cameras on ebay work with iphone/android.

Hope this helps.