11 or 12 x 15????


Hi all, I'm gearing up to place an order for a new set of 15" Image BRM's (I currently run 17" but would like to downsize) I've a Tornado running Gulf rear arches

I'm really torn between running either an 11 or 12 on the rear! I'll be using a 295 Avon......what have swayed others in the decision?



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A 295 Avon is a stretch on a 12" rim (rated for 8.5-10.5") and the tire selection is limited at 12" width. If you are going with custom offsets that fill the Gulf flares I'd go with an 11", if a standard offset the 11" may require a spacer to get the correct look, a skinny wheel set back under the flares just spils the whole look IMO.


Brian, they look amazing thank you for sharing the photos!! What width are you running on the front? How bulbous are the actual tyres? Do they project past the line of the outer wheel rim?

I'm measuring up for offsets and very mindful I won't want to specify a too aggressive offset for then to have the tyre project past the outer lip and foul the arch.

295’s on 12” rears here too, Avon changed (reduced) their Recommended wheel width a while back as I understand it but the tyre is the same, yes they are fun to fit but they look the nuts...

Brian Stewart
Fronts are 215/60R 15. There is enough "balloon" in both the fronts and the rears to not have the rim proud of the tyre. Paul's photo above shows this well.

Mike Pass

Yes, road legal. cr6zz. Good tyres, Quite soft but good grip. OK in the wet but don't like heavy rain as the tread pattern is not deep. The GT40 race guys used to use them as wets. I have used them for years