2018 LeMans streaming

Tried to watch the 2018 24 hour LeMans race. After 30 minutes gave up due to incoherent broadcasters. Is that the best Velocity network has for announcers.
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Direct TV or the recording box would cut off each long broadcast segment at around one hour, so I got to see 'spotty' coverage of the event. The announcers (as painful as they were) may have been unrelated to Velocity, possibly just 'feed' hosts fed various channels around the english speaking world (?)

Chris Kouba

I was able to find web feeds and couple that with Radio Le Mans to actually assemble my own personal "broadcast". I felt the RLM gang did a lovely job of not yelling at me, and not trying to talk for every single second, or make it seem like every instant has to be packed with excitement.

I even found a team or site which was streaming what I believed to be the Eurosport coverage, albeit without commentary. That's where RLM was a great benefit- listening to their broadcast audio and watching the video stream from the other site.