Ac cobra original


Well, to my (largely untrained) eye, I see a 289 front with 427 intake additions and front 427 style fender flares, and rear, er, fender flares not original on either 427 or 289 - and a small block Ford.

If it is original then it's a 'special' and not a run of the mill 427 or 289, as who would modify an original car in such a manner?

A racing team is probably who...

I am tempted to go with the KMS as well though given the ali body.
As far as I know.........

The car is just used for racing

Foxcraft, who prepare and repair, historic race cars, have it in their workshops,all the time, and take it the the races for the customer

Next time I see Paul ...I will ask him, if it is an original, or a KMS car
As far as I know , its original ,Shelby CX 2051. Looks very similar to Graham Bryant's ex Salvadorie car, that I've run on a couple of occasions.


Your pic looks pretty original to me too Darren, but it's not the same car.
Hi Kieth, Wasn't suggesting it was same car, just similar model to the Bryant car, which I know is original, as someone had queried/comented on the body stlye/mods. Oh, just looked down the list of post, it was you....:thumbsup:



Ron Scarboro

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The pic of 2051 shows the "FIA flare" versus the flare on the other car. I think it is a Kirkham, but I'm no expert.