Affected RF GT40 Customers

IMHO, Anyone who implies Robert is a crook is simply
mistaken, misinformed, or being malicious.

However Robert certainly enjoyed being a HIGH profile figure in this business, and as the saying goes....the higher you are, the greater the fall. Those that disliked Robert (and there are
several) can gloat if they like...but please do it in private.


John B

Temp Selling Pass
Sorry!! Ron but I had to post this time..

I'm sure that all investors of the ENRON CORP..Thought they were stand up guys!!And the were!!now they can stand in line in the food line in prison..


The truth will come out.. give it some time guys..
The officers of Enron who knowingly cooked the books for years to pad their personal fortunes are crooks,
and hopefully will do lot's of prison time.

Does anyone seriously think Robert transferred large sums of company money to his personal account rather than pay his suppliers? Well maybe a few do...but that doesn't make sense. Robert may have made some poor business decisions,
but that's not against the law. Most entrepreneurs have
failed businesses in their past.

Of course those that are damaged deserve their day in Civil
Court to recoup whatever they can. But I just don't see
criminal charges being warranted unless additional info
reveals such.


Peter Delaney

GT40s Supporter
Support for RF Victims ???

We only have some 31 responses to the Poll so far ($3,240) - a little disappointing from a membership of over 2000.

Perhaps I didn't make it clear, but the intention was to give the victims a rough feel for what resources they might have, if or when the time comes. The funds could be used to help with the legal case &/or to help them out by replacing some of their lost deposits.

In no way was it intended that anything would go towards a bail-out of RF.

So come on guys !

Kind Regards,

Peter D.
I will donate when I'm sure I know what I'm donating to and that it's necessary.
I've read a lot of BS and conjecture here and I have learned a lot about many of the people and businesses on this forum. What I don't have is a total lack of faith in Robert. I've made mistakes before when it comes to reading people but I will wait and see for now.
"RF victims" is just too loaded a term for me.
Something else I've learned from this is that underneath, this forum really isn't all that different from any other forum.
People wanting "the truth" I understand , especially those with a stake in this, but surely everybody here is clever enough to understand that when lawyers get involved things will go quiet for a while. This episode and the previous episode re CAV that Gary pointed out demonstrate to me why that is necessary.
I understand that I may be disappointed and if I am, I'll help out.
"Snake oil"? Well it brings out the snakes anyway...

Best wishes to those financially involved, I understand your concern and hope information and resolution come your way quickly.

Snake oil?
might be time to remove some one from from the forum again. same old comments. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dead_horse.gif

Ron Earp

Hi Fellows,

I understand folks wish to look on the bright side and all, but the info I posted was confirmed by RF's three dealers. Therefore, I have no reason to doubt it, in my opinion.

Pat, the forum has over 500 registered members who have more than 20 posts, are active, and read. There are a lot of folks who read and that is all they do - statistics show they number in the 150-300 range, and then there are a lot of non-registered users that simply read or visit. The forum is probably more active than you think, but definitely less so than the 2000+ members show. You can always look at the bottom and see some basic info on readership - as I write this 10 registed members are browsing this forum with 32 anonymous users doing the same.

I hope there will be some information forthcoming with respect to options from either our independent investigation, RF, or both.


Most often, people who go into this business are NOT businessmen! They do it for the dream. When they close their eyes, they see the much vaunted "DeLuxe Smythe Mark III", not the pile of unpaid vendors on the desk.

This is the real downfall of the specialty car world. There are some survivors, Lotus, Noble, Marcos (23rd version) and others.....but there are more casualties, DeLorean, unipower, Jensen and the "revival" builders, i.e. Lea Francis, Jensen, Invicta, Bugatti (pre-VW) et.all.

It takes a BIG pair to step up and play in this league!

Rick...(a veteran of the wannbee auto manufacturers, ask me for the entire list I have been involved with!)

And I said this back in November....was I reading the future or just repeating history?

Sorry that it came to pass...... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dead_horse.gif

rick /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif
I guess a lot of people on this forum know the difference between genuine victims, like those of Katrina, terminal cancer or rape where their donations are best served.

Sorry but the term victim should never be used in this context.


Ron Earp

Before this thread gets too far off track - newcomers to this info/thread, who had deposits on RF cars, please contact me as mentioned in the first post on this thread. Thanks much,

I am humbled by folks like Peter D and others who are so considerate as to think of others by offering donations to offset the losses. However, I have to agree with the posters that balk at referring to the hapless RF customers as "victims". Indeed, noone that is buying a GT40 replica is buying an object of "need". These cars were indeed dreams, but clearly in the "luxury" category. As one of the customers, I chose to join with the others to fund a legal investigative effort. Should we be unable to recover anything directly, those of us affected may seek our own remedy such as tax write-off, etc (please consult your tax advisor!!!) Obviously, anyone that is still inclined to help will probably not be turned down.

Ross - I found your post to be the most informative/interesting to date. As for Keith thinking such info should be confidential, I ask, "why?" Ross's info was gathered via a personal point of contact who happens to be within spitting distance of 'ground zero' as it were. It doesn't sound like the info was gathered via any nefarious means. Bottom line, if I knew of such information (i.e. behind on rent, in default with suppliers, or similar) a few months ago, I would have promptly asked for a refund of my deposit. I bet I'm not the only customer that thinks this way.

In conclusion - if there are any customers on the RF backlog that have not yet contacted Ron Earp, please do so asap.

Mitch D

Peter Delaney

GT40s Supporter
Hi Mitch,

I am sure that the idea of some help also crossed a great number of other members' minds - I just got lucky to post it first because of the time-zone thing !

To All,

It seems that my use of the phrase "RF victims" has upset a few people - it was just my simple "off-the-cuff" shorthand way of describing "people who may be financially disadvantaged by recent and future events surrounding the financial stability of Roaring Forties". In no way was it meant to elevate these people to the victim status of such horrors as 911, Katrina or the Tsunami, or to denigrate such victims of these types of truely horrible events.

So, what shall we call our mates who could be in trouble with RF ? How about just "Our RF Mates" ?

( And before some amateur shrink jumps in with some weird interpretion of my new label, RF stands for "Roaring Forties", not "R...y F...d" !!!!! )

A few of these guys might be wealthy enough to "take it on the chin", but I am betting that the majority are not in that position - 20 years of dreaming & saving - up in smoke.

Chris - There is no way in the world that I would suggest anyone replace a donation to one of the truely deserving causes with one to Our RF Mates. I was simply asking members to look at how easily they blow some "after charity donation, discretionary income" on things which are not all that important, & whether a once-off sacrifice to some mates in trouble is really that big a deal.

Response to the Poll is not a committment - just a rough indication of the level of support that might be available.

Kind Regards,

Peter D.


Hmmm, well, I am not affected and I will reply to this question and then bug out to save bandwidth. I guess I was a bit shocked by Ross's revelations/hearsay being as how I am a fairly private person and paranoid about personal information in the wrong hands, To have such damming comments made about one of the forum originators in this way so soon after being constantly declared as a hero and saintly figure of the GT40 replica world makes one wonder how many more fair weather friends are about in this strange twilight dream world.

Gotta go now, better make sure I've got my rent paid. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif
Bottom line is that for a company to survive, it has to continue to satisfy it's customers and maintain fiscal
responsibility. One without the other is useless.


Ross Nicol

GT40s Supporter
Very well put Mike.I see some of you guys think I have an axe to grind and some kind of conflict with Robert well it's not true.The only regret I have with providing the information in my last post is that I betrayed my friends confidence.Although the information regarding unpaid rent is accurate,he is a remarkable man and has no intention of pursuing Robert for the money.
RF's doors are now shut and have been since Tuesday. I spoke to one of the guys in the factory next door and he confirmed this.
Sorry if this dents some peoples hopes(including mine)

Ron Earp

The Paypal address [email protected] is active and my address is:

Ron Earp
132 Loch Pointe Drive
Cary NC 27511

I imagine that we'll end up returning the monies as it might be hard to raise enough betweem the continuning members and here, but we can see.

Thanks much,