Affected RF GT40 Customers

Ron Earp

Dear Members,

As most of the affected RF owners/customers know, this past Thursday I organized a collective group of RF Customers to investigate options available to us. Right now the number of individuals rallyed stands at sixteen, not including myself. If anyone affected has not been contacted and you wish to be, or anyone knows of an affected customer who isn't that plugged into the internet, ask them to contact me at:

[email protected]

I knew (through phone, internet, email) most of the RF customers who had placed deposits or purchased cars, but I've recently meet a couple that I had never had contact with before. I'm thankful for the participation level in the forum and that we have a fantastic support network. I can't imagine dealing with situations such as these without the ClubCobras,, etc. on the net. It'd be lonely.

I just wanna say that i hope for everyone who is affected by this that i feel with them
i've had it with my bussines with customers
so i know what it is to be insecure about those thing's
and not just about the money but also about dreams and expentations

so my thoughts are with you

Ross Nicol

GT40s Supporter
I think it's time for something positive for all affected to maintain the dream.How about we get together and offer our services to help these guys.I have built an RF car and I will offer to make wiring kits at a cost of parts price.I don't know how to handle it, but I'm sure if we lucky ones pitch in dreams will become reality for them.I will also help in any way I can providing my time and expertise.What do others think?I include Steve Toner in my offer.Ron you may have to go back to building your dream.Stop beating yourself up you've done nothing wrong.


Ian Anderson

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Very well said - and really what I have learnt is common within this community - that is to offer help and assistance wherever possible.

Another thought - could it be worth looking at taking the company over as a "going concern" and could the joint effort from this board do what it seems the new conpany could not?

I'm an accountant - I'll give a week of my time free if required to try and unravel whatever is necessary if the venture moves forward. I know I have had more time than this with assistance on my car from this forum!

Anybody else care to chip in?


Peter Delaney

GT40s Supporter
Ross & Ian, Damn good thinking ! Like most people, it has taken a few days for the whole thing to sink in & to recover from the total surprise. But now its definitely time for your "something positive".

Last time I looked, there were over 2000 members registered on the Forum - that's a lot of clout ! Would it be unreasonable to ask members to donate $100 each to a trust fund, run by Ron (or a disinterested 3rd party if required), to try to help out the guys who might be in big trouble ?

Yeah, I know - $100 - that's a lot of money ..... but think about it :

- For $100, you can probably get 2 consultations with a local doctor - "take an asprin & get these antibiotics". We have been getting way better advice than that on the Forum for years, virtually free.

- For $100, we could go out & have a reasonable dinner - a rather transitory experience (unless the prawns (shrimps) are off) !

- Think of how easily you have blown $100 in the last year on something else equally trivial.

Here we have some 20+ of our mates who might be in deep sh*t, & at $100 each, we could change their lives.

If as a group, we had a "fighting fund" of $200,000 we would be in position to react appropriately when things become clearer :

- If things go to full liquidation, the receivers will hold a "fire sale" & we could buy all part-finished cars at a good price - who else is going to want 6 or 7 part-finished cars in one lot, or be able to get to SA to bid on their own car ?

- We should also be able to fund a reasonable % return of deposits to those guys who are in the early stages - no work started on their cars.

Yep, the devil will be in the detail (whose car is at what stage, who has paid what, etc), but a lot of this should come out if the receivers are appointed. It could be done !

I stress here that I am not suggesting a bail-out of RF itself (although that "might" be a possibility), but more a direct form of help to the RF customers who look like getting roundly screwed.

Perhaps a way foward at this point could be to set up "poll" to gauge the levels of interest & potential commitment ?

Any opinions ?

Kind Regards,

Peter D.

Ron Rowse

No Longer Available
I have known Robert since he first returned to Australia with his dream. I will put my money into help.Just tell me where and where.

Ron Earp

These are some good positive suggestions and nice to see folks trying to help out. In the next few days we'll know some other options as well and I'll post them once I know more. Polls, set one up Peter!


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Peter, nice thoughts in theory, but you are assuming that Roaring Forties has 6 to 7 part built cars. Even if they do have 6/7 cars, it appears that 26 members are affected. As far as buying their assets, Roaring Forties may not have any assets in South Africa and may have contracted all of the work, with the majority of their assets remaining in Australia to continue production there. Sorry to rain on anyone's parade but it is something to keep in mind.

Ron Earp

Gregg, you may indeed be correct and I think you are. However, those assets in Australia are available to affected members, but naturally it takes legal action to obtain them.

John B

Temp Selling Pass
To all RF Folks that recently lost their deposits with RF.

I'm am deeply disturbed with the loss of all the deposits that you work so hard for.
Although I was not effected, I have lost many hours of sleep over this tragic situation. As most of you know I have purchased Jerry's Jansing RF115 a short time ago. Part of the deal was that I had to give 25% to jerry who inturned fowarded those funds to Robert for jerry's new car. This was just only a short time ago the very large funds were transferd to Robert. At that time, Robert took those funds knowingly that the SA facility was failing. Jerry, who made this deposit lost everything. Though it was not my loss, it made it personal to me. Jerry and I have become personal friends and I truly feel his loss and frustrations are also mine. I expressed to Jerry and Ron that I love the Gt40 but now the name behind it makes me ashamed.

As many of you stated that the facts are not all in. Ron and several other Rf owners are working
hard gathering all the data for a strategic plan of attack. Power is in numbers and there are 2000 of forum members and 1 Robert. This is by no means over! The shock of the loss is still new so many emotions are being displayed. Disgusted,Sick, ect..ect.. With cool head and good planning, I feel that this will be worked out.

It was a EXCELLENT idea of donations by forum members to a fund. As stated their are 2000 forum members. Their is alot of money out their and it would be nice for support from all the members. This forum was created for the love of the GT40's. Many of the members need are support now!
Ron has already consulted proffesional advisors which cost money. Please show your support! Ron please set this up imediatly so people can start donating.

Over the past year I alot of you have displayed your hostility towards my threads regarding RF.
I know I pushed my words and Ron to insanity. Ron was very reluctant to allow me back. I promised that things will be different. so please don't bother him about my return. He has enough to deal with. My ranting is over regarding RF. There done! now it time to get are losses back. Please show your support.

Ron, Post as soon as you have the relieve fund set up so I can donate $200.00 ASAP.

Best Regards

It's nice to have you back. And I hope everything works out favorably with those who have deposits with RF.

Bill D
Camarillo, CA
Welcome back,Oliver.You were the one guy that saw through Robert,to bad the rest of us didn't catch on until it was to late.Hopefully something can be worked out so the ones in the middle of this mess can move forward towards getting our dream cars.Thanks again for your support.Maybe now you can finish that Weber DVD for the people still interested in getting it.
As one of the recipients of the only 2 kits (part complete) shipped from South Africa count me in. Although parts are missing from the kit, I am confident that I can build a car from what I have got by buying in the missing bits as necessary.

I really feel for everyone who has lost their deposit and just hope that something can be salvaged from this mess.


Andy Sheldon

Tornado Sports Cars
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I have already posted this on another thread but I will repeat it here.

It seems that many of you affected by this situation have lost faith in GT40 manufacturers. I can understand your reasoning. It leaves a bad taste.

In the 22 years that Tornado Sports Cars have been producing replicas not a single customer has lost a deposit.

Keep the faith.


Peter Delaney

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The following poll might be useful in trying to gauge the potential level of financial support which Forum members could provide to the RF victims.

Kind Regards,

Peter D.