Alan's RCR40

My friend stopped by over Christmas and commented that I have gone backwards! It certainly looked that way as the car was pretty well torn apart. In actuality, work over the break consisted of trying to sort some of the issues found in the first few short drives.

I had coolant leaking at the water pump and replaced the gaskets. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong gasket between the pump and the timing cover as it leaked worse than before. Correct gaskets will be here for this weekend. I am hoping that the original issue is gasket related and not something else...

I also had oil leaking out of the mechanical fuel pump port, so pulled the plate and installed a new gasket with RTV. I am pretty confident that this should address the issue.

I had water leaking at the radiator and since it was not obvious that it was coming from a hose, I took the opportunity to pull the radiator while the system was drained and have it pressure tested for leaks. It checked out fine, so I replaced the 90 degree hose that through process of elimination, should be the issue.

I learned at the first start up that the radiator fan was installed as a pusher AND only had a manual switch. I spent the last day installing and wiring in a thermostatic switch at my intake manifold. This took some time getting the wiring hidden into the braided wire wrap from the engine bay, up through the cockpit, foot well and front. Once there, I wired it so that I have both the thermostatic switch and the manual switch operational. I also reversed the fan blades but still need to reverse polarity to get them 100%.

Finally, I didn't like how the mufflers hang in space as it seems the pipes would fatigue and break over time. I built this simple bracket off the gearbox to support them.

All in all, considering how much time I spent in the garage over the holiday, it doesn't seem like a lot to show for it!

Next up after water pump is fixed is seat, wheel an pedal ergos, heat shield for the rear clamshell, and installing the rear cockpit window. IMG_2852.jpg IMG_2853.jpg