Another busy day at RCR

We had a busy day today.....
Three more toys on their way to new owners.....


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A couple of ?s,do all your cars come with spare tires mounted to the back or is this an option? In all your haste did you forget the body on the last one? Seriously ,you and your workers are doing a great job.Take care.
The twin spares is our Paris to Dakar package....

The nekkid chassis is a promo unit ....we have found that having a rolling chassis along with a bodied car is a good way of showcasing our work...

Joe and Chris will be using an RCR40 and an RCR70 for shows in the UK this Summer.

Thanks for the compliments.....

We all work very hard and are only a phone call away when our customers need us....

It was good talking to you and thanks for the call, that YankBritAus accent is something else! The naked chassis above looks superb. I think a few more close up large high def shots on your website would help prospective customers like me to really appreciate just how well engineered your product is. I await Chris Melia's demo with eager anticipation. So many good UK/US products over the years Cobra, GT40, P51 Mustang Merlin et al. And now crowned by your masterpiece!

Grow old disgracefully



Thanks for the praise.....

I am currently building ahead on RHD chassis as Chris has 5-6 very interested parties in snatching up his demo when it lands....

There used to many more high res close up shots on the website but they were removed for a very valid reason......if you get my drift.

I look forward to speaking with you again soon.
Hi Keith
sounds as though I will need to call in Securi'car' to protect me from the crowds of would be GT40 owners.

Joe T and I will hopefully be at the Detling show in April, hope to see some of you guys down there.

Big thanks to Fran for handling this very large shipment


Number 33 is mine and even in the middle of all this work Fran is ahead of schedule with me! rockonsmile Given all the custom stuff I have had him do, that is remarkable!

Fran you are doing a great job, sincerely! I think we should all be very careful how much we praise Fran and RCR. If his head gets to swelled, he is going to need a much bigger Gurney bubble!:eek:
Thanks for all the praise guys,

RCR is a team effort and as many forum members can attest....Mark/Jason/brad/Mike/Ken...etc etc are all major assets not only to me but to all the RCR customers out there building cars...
Fran, looks great as usual! A lucky list of people getting their cars. I have to be getting close. Do I have a chassis number, yet? Thanks for posting these. I'm sitting in a hotel in Dublin this week and need the connection!