AP or Wilwood

Short answer, Wilwood due to price. I've had AP brakes on race cars I owned and was impressed with quality but they cost far more in the U.S. . Maybe the price difference isn't so great in the U.K. ?
Check out AP racing. CP8350 calipers. $549.00 I am using billet AP Calipers similar to the CP 8250 which are $334.00.
What about brembos? Used four piston brembos off a porsche can be had for almost nothing. Just make an adapter and you're in business. I believe the ear spacing on most brembos (that I know of) is 3.5 inches.

Just a thought.
I have both... APs on the front and Wilwoods on the rear

The APs I bought from a forum member years ago and it worked out as the same price as the Wilwoods.

The Wilwoods because I am tring their integrated handbrake one that they sell at Rally Design, but if that doesn't work for IVA, I could see myself swapping to Hi Spec for the Rear.

If you want to match front and rears, it maybe worth looking at them, especially as they do a IVA hanbrake versions, for example: Rear SVA Billet Uni Lug (90mm PCD)
Thanks for the input so far.

What a really want to know is are the APs worth the extra cash or not. And if so why? I can get the extra money past the bank manager(wife) but only with justification.

People keep telling me that APs are the best, but when asked why, no one seems able to tell me.
People keep telling me that APs are the best, but when asked why, no one seems able to tell me.
For me the benefit you get being in the UK, is that AP are here. When I had an issue with my calipers and discs and getting the correct pad, they were very helpful. The selection I have actually requires a specially machined pad, this was not info that showed up on their website.

I am sure you could get the same service from Wilwood.
Thanks Brett. That is a big selling point, their head office is just down the road from me in Coventry. Trouble is they wont deal with me as an individual.

The thing is the Wilwood's 6 pots are roughly half the price of the equivalent AP's, although AP 4 pots are cheaper and about the same price as Wilwood's 6 pots.

I have no problem spending the extra cash. Its just that when the wife asks "why have you spent so much money on those AP's when these are half the price?" My answer contains more than "they look good"

My current thinking is either Wilwood 6 pot fronts and 4 pot rears, or, AP 4 pot fronts and Wilwood/Highspec 4 pot rears.

The problem is compounded by the fact I am running 15" wheels.
Caliper stiffness is one of the main benefits with AP. Say on a CP8350 the calipers are designed with anti knock back springs and stainless pistons. Square cut hi temp o rings. Ap does not use pipe thread fittings all crush washer style fittings. Built in bleed screw protectors, Well over 50 years worth of podiums
These are the APs I have on the front of mine. See build log for more details


I got them from Dave Morton and run 315mm discs on 17" Image wheels (well whenI say run, they sit in my garage)

The rears are these: Professional Motorsport Parts, Spares & Rally Equipment from Rally Design

The fitted inside my build 15" wheels, but like I said, they have not been tested for IVA yet...
AP's for me. I have had them on all my cars and there good, I'm a poor driver but there a good stopper !
Cost is fine as I know there quality.
Unless your racing the car 4 pots are more than man enough in my opinion !
Brembo cable operated handbrake , IVA compliant !



No question Ap are the better brake but they do cost more. You get what you pay for. If money is tight then consider Hi Spec based in Dartford area. I compared Wilwood v Hi Spec for a Mazda project as AP was too much money and Hi Spec was the easy winner. IMHO of course. They made a bespoke race system for my car that really is fantastic in use. 4 pots all round and under £2K.
Thanks Malcolm,
You say APs are the better brake, no question. My question is, why? What is it about the APs that are so much better. Don't mind spending the extra cash, just want to know why.

Brett, Keith,
My current thinking is AP 4 pots front (CP5040) with a 295 disc (15" wheels) with a Wilwood or Hispec 4 pot handbrake calliper for the rear.
In all honestly, if I was doing it again, I would have the HiSpec on the rear - I still may as I think the Wilwood may be marginal. I still need to set it up properly and see if it will grip enough. The other option is maybe to make new cam arms for it that will give greater leverage; this will work on my 17s but wouldn't if you go 15 (see my build thread, the arms just clear on a 15 wheel). The Hi Spec come off radially, so you can push the caliper out further for a bigger disc.

Being a bit OCD at times, I would have HiSpec on the front as well, as they get good reviews and then you can match front. I believe also you can pay a little bit extra not have their logo if you don't want it.
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Ron Earp

I didn't bench race all these calipers, but I did road race my Wilwoods on the RCR T70. Great pieces and nowhere near marginal. Easy to service the pads and I never had a problem with them over about 65 hours of track use. I had the superlight series with six pots up front and four pots in the rear shod with Carbotech pads. I'd use them again for sure as I know they are up to race duty. If cost was a consideration I for sure would select them as they are about 1/4 to 1/3 the price of AP's (if buying in the US).
Ron. Just to be clear, I am not saying Wilwood are marginal calipers. I am talking specifically about the Powerlite Handbrake caliper available here in the UK. I am talking about the handbrake function being marginal on on our cars due to the weight


Some of the small calipers can flex so I specified the race versions for my miata which put an extra 5 mm on the castings so a bit stiffer.
Thanks Guys,

Has anyone run both? Maybe upgraded from Wilwood/Hipsec to APs?

Has anyone done a side by side comparison?

Any info would be great.