Audi 01X driveshaft to Ford hub

Hello everyone, I have been reading this wonderful forum for a long time and learning. I am building together with my mechanical friend a GT40 (southerngt) but with an Audi 01x gearbox (I already have all the parts), but I wanted to know where I can buy driveshafts or how I can couple transmissions between the Ford hub and the Audi gearbox (01x) Both exits are lobro driveshafts (bolt on). I would like if anyone knows something about that, it would be a great help (preferably European area).

Thank you!


Mortified GT

Look at UDO’s brilliant build.

Good luck
Also, I have the Forte Chassis with the SGT Bodywork (GTD), and Windsor 302 mated to an 01x.. I made a slight mod to the lower section of the rear clip given the length of the Audi box. It was minimal modification.
These adapters are steel and measure as follows.
Gearbox side 85mm bolt pitch...102 flange dia.
Axel side 95mm pitch and 108 flange dia.
Located in New Zealand