Bob Bondurant

Very sad. Some pics from the Shelby day, Haynes museum 2004….


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yea, Bob was a great guy. I was privileged to meet him several times at the London Cobra Show and Mid Ohio race track. Great guy!!!!


RCR GT 40 Gulf Livery 347 Eight Stack injection
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Bob, Pat, Allan Grant and the guys who brought their Daytona Coupes to the 2011 London Cobra Show


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Very sad news, an American icon, RIP Bob. I took a 4 day Bondurant competition license school many years ago and Bob dropped in almost every day.

Terry Oxandale

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We have a local small business here that sells steel on a small scale. The owner's last name is Bondurant, but he is of no relation to Bob. Anyway, a few years ago, he told me a story of when he wanted to explore some racing experience and went to Bob's track, and once Bob heard he had the same last name, Bob provided him with a free drive and lessons for the day around the track, for no other reason than his last name. That was the first time, and last time he ever got onto a race track.


What a loss. I met Bob and chatted briefly with him at the Amelia Island Course in 2013 on the anniversary of the Ford GT program. He talked about what a great time it was touring Europe in the 60's with the various race teams and how he's like to sponsor an event just discussing the racing there in period. A delightful man and a true contributor to the sport in so many ways.