Brett's RS GTD

Well after spending two hours cursing Kennedy this morning I decided to see if my other task for today would turn out as disasterous... not so. Been down to my local engineering shop this morning to get a 5 3/4" holesaw and a little fettling on the edges with the stone grinder and volia the lower driving light apertures are done. Just got to fix them in now!


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The lights are from SVC. I picked them up at Detling last week. They are £30 for the pair plus you have to buy the shells. The ones I've got are the H1 variety. The other comes with a H4 and side.

Made the pedal box this weekend and finished it off tonight. Just got to make the brackets to attach it to the chassis to allow it to adjust slightly.


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Dave Bilyk

Dave Bilyk
Great Work Brett,
looking very tidy and coming on a treat. Pics remind me to put an anti roll bar on my to do list as my car was built without.

Well I haven't posted on the build for a while.. mainly because I have been really busy and not had time to do anything :eek:

Here's what I have managed to do.. start to get the electric water pump in


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Hi Brett,
It looks as if you have a similar problem to mine when I bought my car - the shoulder harness eyes aren't vertical. This means the harness has to twist before it can lie flat.
The answer is shim washers. They fit between the eye and the harness bar and can be peeled off at, I think .005" increments. You fit the minimum thickness to allow you to rotate the eye the minimum distance to get it vertical.
I probably have some left over - e-mail me.
Tony Hunt
Progress slow, but at least in the right direction :) Started to put the fuel pumps in and will finish them off after lunch.

Got a call from Helix yesterday saying my drive plate was ready. I am hoping that CTS can get my transmission together next week now, so I can see if this experiment of Kennedy 016 plate to an 01X box will work...


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Thanks Simon, started running the aircon hoses this afternoon, and found that I need a couple more connectors the way I have run it.


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Randy V

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Brett - what kind of manifold are you using to get the coolant into the block since you're using an electric water pump? I'm considering going this route with my own car...

Nothing spectacular. I have taken the impeller section off an old water pump and will then be sealing the hole and smoothing the inside. Brian Magee will be doing the work for me, see here for one he did previously:

There is also a link in there that Jimmy Mac posted there that hasa new machined timing cover. If you can't afford that, Kalun_D did a home made setup that bolted onto an exisiting timing cover (I had a link in a previous post, but it just throws an error and I can't find it).

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was also going to go down this route, I even made the bosses, got adaptors and even a pump cheap. Sent the pump back to Meziere for repair and they claim they never got it, so I decided to scrap that plan and not use a Meziere pump on my build as they had pi$$ed me off so much. I decided to go with the Davies Craid unit. I still have the parts what I did for the Meziere unit and will post later for you.

This is what I did originally before I went with the Davies Craig unit. Bosses are just cut and filed away to shape and then tapped. BTW if anyone has a spare Meziere 316 motor unit, you can have this lot for next to nothing...

Edit: Sorry forgot to say just for clarity,even though it is obvious. The bosses bolt directly to the timing cover and thus saves space in the bulkhead


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Right back on topic. Woken up at 5 due to thunder so I got up earlier and went in the garage, oh how my neighbours must love me firing up the compressor at 7am...

Anyway, wiper motor mounted along with the drive, though I will wait to do the final tubing until the spider is mounted.


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Randy V

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Brett - many thanks for the information. I've made an inquiry about the front cover and may well be interested in the parts you have as well but would need to source a motor.
That's quite a bit of wiring there to sort. That's actually the least favorite part of the build for me and I marvel at those who do it right!