Brett's RS GTD

Well its a while since I've posted on the thread... I have been doing stuff honest!!

Anyway, a longer day than normal today saw my and the lady take a trip down to Botley... Here she is sitting there with her heart looking slightly awkward...


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a newer improved looking butt, to put things back on the horizontal... also with the new arms and mounting points, the shocks I am using are sitting better. They used to slightly foul the rear uprights, now there is no such problem


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Not muach done this weekend. Mainly chanignthe front upper arms to Rod end items instead of the Polybush ones, and started to template the back of the car for the panelling.


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Hadn't realised that it had been so long since I had posted...

Have spent time making the gearbox mounts and getting the engine level. Also have taken the block back out so I can finish the engine bay panelling. I have also artifically made the rear of the car llok wider a bit more like the originals, rather than following the frame only.


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Well an exciting day, for me anyway, I returned home from work and had a box waiting for me. My new replacement rear uprights. I had done a swap with someone who needed mine. So this means that the whole rear end of my car will be SouthernGT... So I spent some time tonight and got one roughly on to see what it looks like


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Wow, nearly a whole ten months between posts for me... well at least I have an excuse of somesorts, as I have been building this (well someone else did the bricklaying); this has resulted in me compeletly gutting the bottom floor of the house! Anyway, I finally managed to get some time on the garage today, and have decided that from now on its Saturday house work; Sunday garage work...

I finally finished off the basics of the gear shift (a sorry needs to be said to Fran for me being a grumpy git earlier this year). It's still got to be tidied up a bit, but everything shifts OK and I can find all the gears 1 through 6 and reverse is OK, but I may have to find a way to replicate the Brandtwood push down. Man its nice to be working on the car again instead of tiling, building door frames, kitches, toilets......


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I also managed to keep on going and managed to get one of the fuel tanks in, but I still need to fix it propoerly. Had to move the rear rail onthe GTD as the tank was slightly a tad too long and I wouldn't have been able to do the nuts up!


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Sometimes I ask myself why my car isn't getting built... then I look at the last time I posted, and realise why :embarassed:

Anyway I managed to get some time in the garage over the past few weeks (the house is nearly finished).

Managed last weekend to weld in a bracket to fix in the header tank


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Then this weekend, I decided to rip parts out to strengthen upthe cross bar for a harness bracket. The GTD angle is not strong enough, and have beentold that no matter how big your bar on the driver side, they like to see additional bracing i.e not just bolted in at the ends.

So out came the rivets aand I peeled back the bulkhead and then took the angle out and replaced it with 1" square tube. Hopefully this should allow me to fix into it OK.

As for the clearance, I realise the angle in the GTD was notched to allow for the dist cap. However, my engine is sitting 2" lower than the original GTDs and also not inclined; added to that I am using a a MSD 8579, which is the small diameter version (by 5/8"), which should give me enough clearance.


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Thanks Frank, have to say your build is coming along nicely and looking great.

Well I have only 5 days left until delivery day :baby:, so I am being allowed out into the garage at night :shocked:

So trying to get bits and pieces done. I didn't completely not do anything whilst workingon the house, I managed to get the engine block off tothe machine shop where it was tanked, rebored for my pistons, crank checked and rotating assembly balanced.

I managed to tape it up and spray over the weekend Ford Dark Blue. Managed to start tonight tapping all the holes and then getting the freeze plugs in along with the mains studs for the girdle that will be going on.


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Ah, how foolish of me... I thought with the little man coming along, I'd still be able to manage to sneak off to the garage! Well, he was 12 weeks old this Wednesday and all I have managed to acomplish during that time was organising the pistons being installed to the rods (a big thank you to the engine build team at work), and also taking delivery of some wing mirrros (that took me 5 weeks to move from the study to the garage).

Anyway, finally some relief was at hand today when I had the op;ortunity to off load the baby monitor duties tomy in-laws, and finally got an afternoon in the garage... and hey presto, I have manged to get the pistons installed! Hopefully I'll be allowed some tme as well tomorrow!

On the wing mirros front, anyone be able to help me out with the electric schematics for a Chrysler Crossfire ming mirror?


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Hi Brett,
good to see you back on your build and that you've managed to sort out your piston problem.

My block went for reboring this weekend, so I'll be mindful when I come to put the lot back together

Its amazing... try and get anything done in the workshops where I work (the large engineering centre next to the A127) and nothing... now bring in your own stuff that is interesting and... ;)

Your build is looking great. Birthday next week for me, so I am hoping my request of donations will come together to allow a small purchase from Mick Sollis :)

Two weekends in a row, and just got back from Sunday lunch and off to see if I can get some more done.

Yesterday marked a bit of a landmark for me. After getting the rest of the mains support and windage tray in, I had to slightly reshape the oil pickup. When I looked at it, it appeared to me that Canton had not lined everything up properly when they had welded it.

Anyway then the sump went on and the heads intially for the first time! I still have to install the rockers and check clearances, but boy, does it give a whole sense of satisfaction!


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