Building a GT40 in a virtual environment.

Good day John.
The model and the frame was built in the programe SolidWorks it allows you to perform complex design with precise dimensions.
The data obtained can be easily put to the machine CNC.
This is not easy task but Boris excellent specialist.

The layout position of the engine.


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Designed fuel tanks. Tank capacity 58 liters ...


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Good morning friends! My name is Boris.
My dream is to build a GT40.
I live in Russia, in our country is almost impossible to buy a kit to build the GT40, state bans on the import of components for assembly, because it requires costly certification. To bring yourself to a dream I started designing his GT40. I hope that I realize my dream and build a dream car!. At design time, I and my friend Viskov Andrey faced with questions. I hope you will help us with the answers to them.
A blog about building a post here. This is also a building, even if virtual.

Excellent work Boris, I share the same idea, I've been working with a friend on the GT40, now we're doing it to scale. We have two work we've been posting, one is called "stuying the monocoque" and other work is called "GTX Project", which refers to the construction of the car.

We took months studying the measures and I think we are doing very well, there are no measures available anywhere, only photos.


Boris and others.,
I don't know if this guy has any of the measurements but he was working on a 3-D project if I remember correctly and used some great resources to create these renderings. Hard to believe these are not real. His name is Luis Nieves. I corresponded with him for a bit but haven't heard from him in quite a while. His work is here in the forum. All of his links have been removed except for the thumbnails.


Ford GT40 3D Model by Luis Nieves

[ame=]Hard Surface Modeling Reel - YouTube[/ame]

Here are some of his work that I downloaded before they wee removed






Thank you very much Bill!

I am familiar with the works of this great master in modeling! Always wanted to meet him. But my job is not to create a beautiful visual renderings.
I design my GT40 to build it. This is my true goal! I feel incredible difficulty in finding the size of some parts. I hope my colleagues forum pomogug me.
I live in Russia, and is the main bottlenecking in realizing my dreams. I just have no place to find a lot of parts to remove their size.
And it is very important to work on the line-up. For example at work today so suspended, there is no radiator size, size of wheels and transmissions.
Solving this problem I will be able to bring the basic design until the end.
And get to work on the creation of a plastic body. Some experience in this kind of work I have).
Prime 520

Hi all need help.
Ready to start designing the suspension of our GT40 but we can not do this because they do not siting options wheels.
We plan to put the radius of 15 and a width of 9.5 front 12 rear
The front hub of the Mustang.
In this image dimensions unknown to us without them we can not then proceed with the work on the project!



This is a great project. I am in awe of such skills.. but I am very surprised at the lack of the offering real world information for him to continue..

Come on chaps!!!