Calling Spectre R 42 owners

The Spectre R42, originally GTD R42, is a relatively unknown close relative to the GTD40, being a further developed GTD by Ray Chistopher. About 24
cars were built, but were are they now ??? I know of 4 cars in Sweden, to start with.
A new site , Spectre Car Club has been opened, the idea is to
exchange information rather like this excellent site. There is not much info in there yet, but there will be...
So, come on!
Gunnar B

Brian Hamilton

I'm on the verge of touching myself inappropriatel
Pretty sweet looking cars!! I remember them from a few years back. They using the 4.6 DOHC engines from the Lincoln's? Weird throttle body in the back laying down right? I'm pretty sure you could throw the newer heads and supercharger from a 2003-2004 Cobra Mustang on there and really make some power!! May need to change the internals as well... Might as well do a whole motor swap now that I think about it.

Anyway, sweet car!!
I really like the look of the R42, shame it's no longer made. with some more development maybe it could have been another Ultima?