CAV GT40 ball joints


Hello guys, simple question that should have a simple answer..

I have an early pre-100 CAV GT, and i'm busy revamping the suspension front and back. All rod-ends were worn, some seized, rubbers tearing, etc.
Also the wishbones themselves have developed quite a bit of corrosion, so I stripped them for powdercoating.

Now: I want to take that oportunity to replace the ball joints with new, since some of them are corroded as well, but I can't figure out what make/model they are off of.
Is there anyone that has the answer? I saw an older post claiming they are BMW E30's, but according to my spare shop's books, the taper on those is quite different and is not the same thread size.

Hope this body of knowledge can answer this simple question

thanks, Jasper


Just to keep you guys in the loop. Been hunting for a good few weeks now, but still drawing absolute blanks.

All I know is that its a 1/10 taper, an M14x1.5 thread, and a 45.5mm press fit without circlip.

Just amazing how this information is not out there anywhere.


I did of course, but he's not helping. He claims to not know because its a pre-100 car. (i.e. not his production cycle, not Jean's.). However, from what i've seen it might very well be all the same thing.

Absolutely perfect Bill!! That's something to go buy. Partquip is a well known parts supplier in South Africa, so with that number I should be able to get some! Will let you know how that goes OK?

Mike Pass

Ford Cortina Mk3/4

Quinton Hazell part numbers
Upper QSJ662S equivalent to MBJ662
Lower QSJ663S equivalent to MBJ663
Get them locally or Southern GT or Wealden Engineering in the UK will have them.


Mike, these BJ's are bolt-on (meaning they are supplied with a plate). Are you sure your info pertains to CAV GT's?
Hi Jasper, the CAV ball joints were used in both series100 cars and post100 production. I don't know when these replaced in recent years or are in fact still in use. I can stay the ball joints are reliable and capable of considerable abuse, ie: lower ride height will bind the upper joint in bump and bend the pin. The boots are susceptible to splitting if run in bind or during removal for service replacement or upgrade. You should be able to purchase these in SA. Here's the part numbers. Cheers