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Randy V

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It looks like I’m just under 250 miles from there... Not out of the question though!
I have another friend that is just finishing up his RV8 and it’s hangered in the Austin area, so it’s possible to catch both!
We just got here (Midlothian Texas) less that 2 weeks ago. Moving ourselves was quite a challenge.. We’ll be unpacking boxes for months I’m afraid.. And with no shop, well, I crammed a lot into the garage.

Ron Earp

I am keeping a build log, but not with EAA.
Rans makes a nice kit. Regarding a Cub, the Javron is an excellent option. True to the original. Check out Bill Rusk build blog over at I would say do it, don't wait. Obviously I really enjoy the build process - and building an airplane does not typically require designing and re engineering stuff.
I have 195 hours in the two wings - ironically took me longer this time than last.
I LOVE the CCs but they are out of my price range. Nice kits though, really like their attention to detail and construction. I'll check out the Javron. I like your advice and I do plan on just getting on with it. Cause time is a wasting.

So 195 hrs in the wings isn't bad at all I don't think. That's a big chunk done but of course covering remains too. Are you doing these IFR capable? I've been debating that and tending toward no, don't think I'd ever use it as an IFR platform but of course that could come in handy on occasion.....but then currency and all that so........

I'll continue to follow along over on the Cub site.



I have a Garmin G3X which would need an additional component to make it IFR legal, although as a practical the G3X has all the info needed to fly through a cloud. But realistically I can't imagine flying a 100 mph plane IFR.

Looking at some minor upgrades in case we decide to go with tundra tires for off field stuff, including larger brakes and stainless steel brake lines.

Totally different sort of plane, but the Sling TSi really interests me. State of the art engine, four place, good looking, fast cruise, low fuel consumption. Check it out. Flew the two seat Sling in December. Sweet handling, comfortable.

You headed to EAA Air Venture in July?


Ron Earp

The G3X was sort of what I was thinking to use. That, plus a iPad dock for Foreflight, that would give some redundancy and capability to the system.

The IFR question is a big one. I don't want to do VFR over the top as it can get dicey but clouds happen. So, having IFR capability might be nice to get in or out of somewhere. But like you, I'd not use a plane like this for any sort of real IFR work. On the other hand, these planes are up for some scud running.....

That Sling looks pretty snazzy. Fast mover too.

I'm not going to go to Air Venture. I should, but too much going on with the family unit to take the time. And if I went I'd want to fly there of course but all the club planes are completely booked for that week, as expected. I might could ride up with someone but can't do a week. Would love to though!