Clarkson in original GT40 video

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Good video...

Amazing that he took the car to speed (supposedly) on wet pavement..

I've noticed that they tend to run cars really hard in those conditions while it never really appears to be raining..
If you notice, the in car shots when he is driving it, the windscreen wipers are not going. Outside shots they are going like the clappers, but you cannot see who is driving it!
Hi all,

I think it is 1084 (1004) when she was wearing the wider rear body.

Regarding the wipers and the driver, I think the video is done out of several takes, probably a kind of relaxed one for the inside shots in which he explain things, and then, several others, some of them more aggressive, for the outside takes. In some of those the wires are not working either. Different weather conditions along the day when they were shooting the film.

Nice car!

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Just saw the video again and what wondered me are those nice roof/door lips, they are not "on" the roof but nicely worked in the roof? same height so it seems...I like that, see 2.04min then also at 2.11min you see a long line roof vents? cabin pressure release? not seen that before, or maybe better say, can't remember it :D but it could make sense since that car can do 200mph or faster.
Are there replica's with the same nice roof eyebrows for the door and or are there replica's with those vents in the roof?

Mike Pass

You can get the roof eyebrows made in a good thickness of aluminium from Mick Sollis at Southern GT. I can't remember the cost as I got a set from him when he first started making them. They are much much stronger than the plastic ones on the SPF. As the door inner edge slots into them you will need to apply some protective film on the door or it will scratch the paint on the door edge. This is why I did not fit them in the end and now rely on the stainless steel clips under the door edge to stop high speed lift of the door tops.
thanks for the info, does anybody knows what chassis number that gt40 has? or are there good pictures of it especially from the roof?
are there more GT40 with those vent holes in the roof? or is that to complicated for replica's because I think it must be a bit special so the rain does not go into the cabin...

as it is hard to find those pictures, I took a view out the video to point out...

the roof eyebrows look as high/flat as the roof and not mounted on them but in the door-top opening?or is it one with the spider and that way also very strong?

you also can see the vents in the roof, almost as wide as the roof is...
here the door closed, it looks really nice/good.

and here a bad picture because very short in view and fast...but the vent holes you can see also

also the Gurney looks as one with the roof?

also a thing I noticed were the doorhandles, they soldered pins/handles on them for easy access?

I don't think these are uncommon as I am looking to fit some to my car. If you look at the Tornado website they have a set pictured (bottom right of below picture). I think the part number is something like 40-96 or 40-97.

Full parts list for the TS 40

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I think Scott Calabro has a set on his car which you can just about see here. Sure if you send him an email he will send you a couple of pictures.

Thanks Trev, indeed same sort system, although those on the 'Clarkson' try out car look a bit better by shape, at both ends they get a bit smaller sofar I can see.
Also the 'Clarkson' Gurney has a more organic shape, looks more like a raindrop shape?
very nice to copy :D
Andy has a great website with lots of info,. I think one of the best GT40 website with info and pics etc.
all it needs is a button so you can leave your e-mail and gets auto-updates when they have some news or info to share, would be nice.

ow, has anybody the same sort roof vents as that 'Clarkson' car has? and how exactly it works etc...and is it mold in or in the spyder? does it do its work? and why don't we see it on replica's or other GT40, just got me wondering.
Some on a superformance car:

These ones seem to have the tapered edges you are looking for but I don't think they are much different to the tornado ones. I think you just trim and shape the ends to get the look you want.

ah, indeed those look more similar, guess your right you can shape those yourself, I would do that if I had those.
you also see a roof vent (red car), that sort I have seen before in SPF cars.
I hope I am not duplicating information. But the series of grills shown on P1084 (I read this) occured only on the first fifteen GT40's. But since P1084 was a reconstructed P1004 in 1968 by JWAE for Spa. And counting the twelve Pre production cars GT101-112. That would make P1004 the 16th car????
Regrads Allan
The prototypes (Ford GTs) and the first seven production GT40s had the series of roof vents at the back of the spyder roof section.
so only the first batch were made with that long roof vent, guess they had trouble with water leaks with such long rail?, when you cornering then the water could fall in the cabin perhaps? didn't hear JC about that when he drove the car in the pouring rain :D
the sort/type in the ERA looks a bit tiny, the SPF vent could work better, but I don't know how much cabin pressure a GT40 make...and maybe also in those GT40 brands it could be different.